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2016-10-05 - 4:58 p.m.

In another stunning plot twist for this brutal year, my much beloved nephew has had a tumor pulled out of his soft palate today. The doctor says he would bet his whole bank account that it will prove to be non-cancerous. Lab results should be in by Monday.

I was very disappointed that it was an actual tumor, because I was really hoping for a saliva gland blockage or a lymph node swelling due to unresolved wisdom tooth drama from a few months back. Not happy about things growing in my nephew that are not supposed to be there.

Can't an Auntie just get back to the important business of incessantly ragging on a kid to make something of his life? I have to be nice and sweet during this time of scary happenings, but I'm going to rag like no tomorrow as soon as he is in the clear, And I can't wait! This week, my only fun has been in calling him "Lumpy".

You know your year has been rough when a tumor in your precious loved one only ranks third worst happening for the year so far...

I am hoping and praying for a nice clean report from the pathology lab and no further issues with this situation.

I am loaded down with work this week. Covering for one site, fully responsible for 2 other sites, 2 new students, and having to do compliance reviews (pain in the ass unnecessary spreadsheet busy-work) for 3 more places. That's too much stuff.

I need to start buying lottery tickets.

If I wasn't busy with jobs, I'd be broke. I'd rather be busy and paid than loaded with free time and poverty.

I'm behind on my work. I must get back to it. Boooo Hissss.

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