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2016-09-29 - 10:34 a.m.

So... I'm not feeling this whole "work" thing today. I just dun wanna. Fortunately, my work load is do-able today. I thought I was going to be practically non-working this week, because the boss is on vacation and can't add anything to my list of tasks, but I was forgetting that I agreed to cover for someone else who is out this week. She came back early, so I don't have to do any of her work today. This will be a pretty easy day. But I don't want to focus on work right now.

I went out to dinner with my heavy drinking friend last night. I seriously think she is an alcoholic. Every time we go out, without fail, she has at least 4 drinks. I would be under the table if I took in that much booze at once. I'm a light weight, like you wouldn't believe. I am not much enamored of the drink. I honestly don't get why everyone is so crazy about alcohol. I didn't have any, because I'm diabetic and there's too much sugar in the drinks that taste good. I'm all about the taste. My vice is carbs and right now, they are not in control of me! haha

I have almost the maximum of PTO banked up right now, as always, and my company at the end of this year is going to roll all our banked hours into an emergency bank that we can't use unless we get a long term illness and need the sick time. That is so unfair. I'm sick of my multi-billion corporation looking for ways to take away some of our benefits every year. Instead of raises, they take something from us. Every. Year. Especially us little guys who are not getting the 7 figure bonus that upper management gets. I don't care so much about that stuff now that they are only one stream of income.

Once, when I was pretty new into my career, I read a book about "Looking Out For Number 1" (I think that was the title) and it gave me some good advice which I took to heart. The message was that you have to see yourself as a business. You are the CEO of your business and you have to make good decisions for your own best interest. There is no such thing as loyalty flowing from the company to the employee, even though they ask for the complete and utter loyalty of the employees flowing towards the company. They will cut your throat if they can get someone to do your job for a dollar an hour less. So be good at what you do, give good value, but don't go crazy with that extra mile, because it will eat your resources and not pay off. Don't let your employer demand all of your time and not compensate you fairly. More streams of income is the best way to have security. Because if one thing falls off, you have other things.

Before I read that book, I held the dubious honor of being "Far and away, the most underpaid department head in the company." This was the exact statement of my sweet new CEO at the time. He was going to try to help me out, but his time there was very short (all that fairness and compassion proved to be bad for his career)and he was unable to get a decent raise approved in the budget before he was gone. He tried to take me with him (at double my pay), but I wasn't up for moving to St. Louis. After I read that book though, I started looking for another job and so began my serious career.

My mom just called me and I was glad because we haven't talked in days and I need to talk to her about this weekend. Almost immediately my aunt called and I am bumped like a D list guest on a talk show. I can't ever talk to my mom without my aunt interrupting. I don't understand why she can't just let her give up, or click over and tell her she will call her back. So now I am butt-hurt.

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