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2016-08-23 - 3:09 p.m.

Wow, I have been remiss. My friend, misfitstray sent me these adorable felted bunnies and when I received the box, I opened only one flap of the box and I thought the 2 bunnies were everything in the box. I did reach around in the box, but I didn't see or feel anything else. Fortunately, I didn't throw away the box, because I saw on misfitstray's latest entry that there was also a phone case in there! A very cute and sturdy phone case that you can see in this picture:

I love it!! I am going to use it as a case for my glasses, because it is the perfect size for that and because I cannot get my huge phone in there without removing the otter box that is on it. My phone would fit in the case perfectly if not for the bulky case that allows me to throw it down without breaking it.

I really like it, R. You are very sweet and generous.


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