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2016-08-10 - 10:53 a.m.

Yesterday while I was making myself a chopped salad, I accidentally sliced my thumb open. I was on the phone with a doctor that likes to call me and chit chat and I yelled "OW!!!" right in his ear. I then proceeded to bleed like it was a contest or something. He was trying to get me to go get stitches, but I knew it was not bad enough for that. It finally stopped bleeding but now it's sore and it's on my nerves. You don't know how much you need your thumb until you mutilate it with a kitchen knife.

I also got word that my true love's older brother has now committed suicide. I'm not going down that rabbit hole right now, because I already did. I need to keep the damn Babadook in the basement today.

What is going on in the world? What lesson am I supposed to be learning here?

So anyway... I'm a blond, but I don't seem to be having "more fun" yet.

In other news, apparently grief can make a diabetic person's blood sugar go crazy. I decided to check my blood and it was crazy high, even though I am not eating carbs. I think what I've done is starved too much and caused my liver to kick in and manufacture glucose. I think I should probably eat many blood sugar stabilizing snacks through the day to prevent peaks and valleys. Starting with 6 walnut halves. Right now.

I discovered that I was fulla glucose yesterday. There's no telling how much my sugar has been raging all these other days. I miss my guy but I ain't trying to join him just yet.

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