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2016-07-14 - 11:00 a.m.

My grandmothers - both - were "psychic". One of them could "see death" on people. The other one knew intuitively when one of us was hurt or sick. She could name the illness/injury and body site without anyone telling her what was going on. I inherited this. I can't control it at all. I just occasionally get some piece of info that proves true out of thin air. I just suddenly "know" stuff. Here's an example: I got up in the night one time because I was absolutely compelled to write a letter to my apparently healthy grandfather. In the letter, I told him I loved him and asked him to take care of himself because I wanted him to be around for many years to come. I put it out in the mail box in the wee hours of the morning. He barely had time to receive and read my letter before he abruptly died, unexpectedly.

I had a month long visit from my in laws when I was married and was anxiously awaiting their day to go home since my mother in law could piss off a statue. But on the last day of their visit, I couldn't get out of bed because I was crying and devastated like a death had happened. That was the last time I saw my father in law alive. I think my spirit knew it was saying goodbye to his spirit. I loved him a lot. Sometimes, when someone I love is going to die, I cry profusely and don't know why I'm crying. Let me tell you, that is very inconvenient. When I find myself saying "Why am I crying?" I get worried about my loved ones.

I also see green auras around people who are sick and don't know it yet. My neighbor was green like Kermit for awhile and she had a cancer scare... a nurse I worked with had a liver problem and I had to find a subtle way to urge her to see her doctor. Subtlety is not my forte, so I basically scared the crap out of her. ::sigh::

I dreamed about my Uncle's "special vest" that would save his life 2 or 3 years before he had lung cancer and the oncologists made him a "special vest" to wear during his radiation treatments to save his life...

So now I can't send any of my old relatives a card without them feeling like the grim reaper is after them. I told my mom I wanted to send my Aunt, her older sister a card and she said "Don't do it! You'll scare her to death!" It's kind of funny. People who know about this say to me "I'm not green, am I?"

My Uncle is sick.. he came through cancer and has been cancer free for a long while, but he has COPD really bad and his liver and spleen are sick. The doctor says he can live for a good many years more but he needs to get some weight off and change his lifestyle. He doesn't want to. He wants to eat what he wants and be on Hospice care so he can be comfortable and drugged up. It's his choice. I've already begged him to try to live in that dream and in the dream he told me he didn't want to live. It's much more complex than this and the oldest sibling has now come to town to straighten errbody ass out. I don't want to get into it all today... but let's just say, no one wants a damn greeting card from me.


Life is the stuff that happens between funerals.

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