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2016-07-05 - 11:16 a.m.

Thank God the 4th of July is over for 2016. My neighbors who all have money to burn, burned a helluva lotta cash in the form of fireworks over the entire weekend. Both my dogs were holding their poo for fear of this ear-splitting racket that had enveloped our neighborhood for a good 72 hours or so. It sounded like scud missiles hammering Riyadh up in here.

All. Weekend. Long.

My older dog is trustworthy, but the younger one is not as self disciplined and he actually pooped on the floor while maintaining eye contact with me at one point. I guess when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. Shit happens. Literally. You've got to admire the guy for unflinchingly owning it. He was like "Welp, I didn't order the noise, Lady."

So here I am, 2.5 hours in to my first day on the new assignment and I still don't have access to the program I have to use for that site. I can't get a thing done for them until that is in place. You'd think they would have worked on that in advance...

The access failure was not even the first snafu of the day. First, my time clock software picked this day of all days to reset the password. Of course I wrote my password down last time I changed it... but where? That is the question. I scrambled, searched, tried all the passwords I thought it might be... and finally found the 3 x 5 card I had written it on. I've now updated that card and will soon forget where I wrote it down again. I need to make a notebook just for all my passwords and user names. I use so many applications for my numerous facilities. There are at least 20 facilities, soon to be 22, and I use 3 or 4 different software applications for each facility, each with their own user names and passwords. On top of this, my overall work platform password and time clock password changes every 3 months and there is an infuriating screen saver on my work pc that I cannot get rid of or extend the timer on. So if I go to the restroom or out with the dogs for a few minutes, I have to log back in when I come back. There is no one here to see anything and if there was, I could choose to show them my work screens so the only thing they are accomplishing with all this "security" is making me type passwords over and over and over. But as my buddy says, "They pay me the big bucks to sit here and waste time". Companies do a lot of asinine things.

My boss told me to notify her if they don't get it together by noon. It's almost noon and I still don't have the access sooooooo.... ::sigh::

Could be worse. But hey... the day is young. There is plenty of time for it to get worse. I'm hoping to get in there and find wonderful documentation and simple cases that are not hard to figure out. Beautiful, clear cut stuff that I can complete nice and timely. Yezzzz... that's the ticket.

Time will tell.

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