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2016-07-03 - 8:49 p.m.

I've solved the mystery of the Pottery Barn return label. My mom was trying to return some pillows and she had once sent me some pillows from PB so the customer service rep apparently pulled up my address from the time my mom sent me some pillows from there and I got the return label by mistake. I suspected it might have something to do with my mom because it is a little known fact that my mother and The Gays are keeping Pottery Barn in business.

I have been feeling a little restless and... eh... off kilter today. It's been a mixed bag. Parts of the day I've been happy and grateful and parts of the day I was all "meh". Restless... lonely-ish. Self-imposed exile has its downside.

I am happy that I have tomorrow off. I dread the new facility. I will probably be just fine with it after day 1 of the new assignment. I'm very adaptable, I catch on fast, I work in an ever-changing field and nothing in my life feels ... dependable. In other words, I live on the brink of radical change all the time and yet I am one of the most change-hating specimens you'll ever meet. Only my dad exceeds me in sheer aversion to change. But I've invited change as a permanent part of my life because it is bad to be stodgy and immovable and it is good to embrace change. Also, the money and opportunity is in change so... there ya have it.

My crazy neighbors have been shooting fireworks all weekend long and I'm OVER IT. Not just one neighbor, but neighbors in all directions are shooting fireworks even in the day time. They cost a lot and these dill weeds are wasting them by shooting them in daylight. Tomorrow it will be insane. I'm just not in the mood for it this time. Maybe I should be seriously looking for my next home. I could use a good major upheaval. har har.

I'm not wearing any pants.

I got all soaked while I was watering the yard and I partially shucked down when I got in the house. I was about to open the blinds so I could see the fireworks but I remembered the whole no pants thing and changed my mind. My sprinkler system has an issue and I have to call a repair man to come fix it. In the mean time I have to water my yard by hand. First world problems.

Today I was wondering why we have to either be drowning in our cars while trying to get to Costco or administering CPR to our lawns because they are dying of thirsty. It's always feast or famine. What's up with that? A nice brief rain once a day would be awesome. We can't just get some nice even rain. It has to be a frog strangling gully washer or nothing whatsoever for weeks on end.

Yay for long weekends! I've got some yellow cherries calling my name.

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