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2016-07-01 - 5:57 p.m.


Stick a fork in me, I'm done!

Another pay period in the can!

It's not even late and I am through working until next Tuesday. I can say to all my co-workers "C U Next Tuesday" and mean it! Though I don't really mean it because in all honesty, I will be coding ahead over the weekend. Especially since next week promises to be a real joy to behold. It's the start date for my assignment with the large new facility and I will be covering for yet another vacationer. My required accesses are not in place for the new assignment and the next workday is Go Time, so there's no room for delays. I hope it all goes smooth, but where's the fun in that? Whatever, bring it.

Tonight, I will be grilling some shish kabobs with marinated pork tenderloin medallions, pineapple chunks, and assorted veggies. Gonna be awesome. I'm hungry already.

I haven't made any promises to go anyplace far off. I think I'll just stay my ass home. Netflix and Chill. I kind of wish I could call off the 4th of July just because I'm not really in the mood for the sounds of war around the clock. I am still weary of the noise from New Years. We're already at the halfway point in the year. That is crazy.

Here's a fun little anecdote: My mom told me she is sick of spending her life on the phone, she's going to impose limits on everyone, she wishes people would not call her so much... etc... so I quit calling her unless I had a specific purpose. No more coffee chats. Today she called me and scolded me for never calling my mother. LOL. Apparently, she coulda died over there! A sistah can't win.

Time to start the grill!


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