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2016-06-15 - 11:17 a.m.

I am on vacation for the rest of this week. Basically, I took off 3 days because my PTO is stacked up to the maximum that we can bank and I won't be able to accrue anymore until I've used some of it. This is a primo problem to have. I used to keep my PTO pretty much used up when I worked in a medical office. The traffic issues of Houston, Texas and my soul crushing micro-manager of a supervisor were sucking the life out of me. I had to take personal mental health days every now and then and I took off for the first day of Aunt Flow's visit every month. I had a lot of pain and unmentionable side effects with that business right up until I started working from home and all this aforementioned difficulty abruptly CEASED. I found out that stress caused my female issues to be way worse than they had to be. Working from home changed my life completely and I'm so grateful.

I am fortunate enough to have a good boss who has enough personal power in her own life and enough trust in me as a professional to not be interested in micro-managing me. My boss does not give one hairy rat's ass what I do as long as I meet my deadlines and do my 40 hours a week. My side jobs are even less restrictive, which seems barely even possible.

I feel very lucky, very blessed, and almost guilty. I cultivated this career path for a long time before I was able to realize the dream, but here I am. This was the lifestyle I was going for... this was what I was building when I was attending all those boring seminars against my boyfriend's inexplicable wishes!! There is a method to my madness, yo. I was building something (for us). And you know... it's still fantabulous, even though he didn't stay the course. A sad loss, but Hell, you still can't make that damned horse drink, can ya?

How come everyone's hobby isn't goal setting? I think I am more logical than the average bear. I used to call my one true love "Data" and "Spock" because of his logical ways, but I really had no room to talk on that one. I'm just as Data-Spock as he is. But I have the tenacity to meet any goal I set. It's my best super power. Being bossed around is my Kryptonite. I just suck at that. So, so badly. Especially if it trips my injustice trigger. Just stand back and trust. I shall overcome.

Radical change of topic:

I've been listening to Lloyd Pye on youtube, talking about the origins of man, the modern day existence of sasquatch, the fact that he believed that neanderthals were not early man, but instead were non-human, post miocene ape, sasquatch type, hominoid creatures. His work is pretty compelling. When you look at the science, the jump from neanderthal to cro-magnon is not possible in one missing link. It would take many missing links to bridge that crazy gap. Evolution doesn't work that way, in one jump. He used to give an interesting talk, that's for sure. He has passed away, unfortunately. This "origins of man" stuff was his life's work until he was contacted by someone who had possession of two 900 year old skulls, one of which seemed to not be human. That skull chemically matches tooth enamel rather than bone and they actually ran DNA on it and found that the mother's DNA was human, but they cannot identify the father's DNA. It doesn't even remotely match anything else in a database of Trillions of DNA samples that have been mapped and loaded into the NIH database. Very interesting stuff. You can search youtube for Lloyd Pye or go to if you're interested in the topic.

How I cherish the internet.


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