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2016-06-11 - 8:09 p.m.

This is grilled octopus on a tater chip. My sister and I went out to a fancy restaurant in Houston, Texas and it was all that and an octopus tater chip.

The waitress was telling us what would be great to try from their menu and she suggested we try the grilled octopus. I said "Whatever Dude." Not in a "Yes! let's try it" kind of way. More like a "You must be crazy" kind of way. My sister was
making this face:

We were all about NO NO NO and then she went away and came back with a small plate of grilled octopus for us to try. There were 2 smaller bites and one big 'un. My sister grabbed the smallest one and she went first. I waited to see if she was going to decorate the table or have a mental breakdown. When neither of those things happened, I decided to try it as well. My sister said it was surprisingly good. It was very difficult for me to actually put that in my mouth. I was scared. I touched it and it felt firm, like meat, so I finally got up the nerve to bite it. It tasted like tender steak that had been char-broiled. It was meaty, it didn't have any sort of fishy flavor whatsoever, and no bad flavors. The meat was white. Like pork, the other white meat. The texture was more refined, but definitely steak-y. The picture at the top of this entry is the third bite. The big 'un. I was turning it around, looking at all sides, when I saw the suckers. This sucker had suckers! They were about the size of standard shirt buttons. I was all "ERMAGERD! It's a tentacle!" I immediately took a picture to post on my dad's Facebook wall. Dad is squeamish about any kind of seafood, or weird critters in general. I knew this would gross him right out. So once I posted it, we started razzing Dad about eating some octopus on his next trip to Houston. He said he would not be eating any octopus on his next trip. My mom told me that dad said "They think they are going to get me to try octopus and I'm telling you, it's not going to happen." Hoooo... it makes me laugh.

Here's me after surviving a bite of grilled octopus:

"Eat some octopus, Rat!"

We had a great time trying a new place and my dinner was great. The presentation was really nice. All the plates we saw were beautiful, like art. It was interesting to see what other people were getting.

As of now, my sister plans to sell her house and move to my town. I am stoked about this. We are going to do everything, go everywhere, try all manner of crazy food and drink, and just experience life as two single girls. Not only that, but her son is going to live with her, which I am in favor of. We will all be neighbors and this is good. We will have BBQs and be a family again. We used to all live in the same house, but we're not going to do that again. I mean, I may put them up while she finds a new place. The kids are both over the moon, happy.

We're all converging on my dad for Father's day. While my sister was here during this past week, it felt like I was on a long weekend. I was "working" but there wasn't enough to do to keep me very busy. I wake up first, so I did my work before anyone else was up. Then, they went home on Thursday evening and the next day started a new weekend. So I'm having the easiest work week of my life here. Next week is going to be easy too, because I took 3 days of PTO. I will work Monday and Tuesday and then be off for 5 days!! Then when I come back the following Monday, I'm going to have to begin a new assignment and who knows what fresh hell that will be. In July, I am getting a new facility that I will be responsible for in addition to my one student that I'm training. So this easy life is not going to last. Soon enough I'll be earning my keep again.

This has been a great week.


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