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2016-06-08 - 1:25 p.m.

You probably didn't know I had orange furry ears and a pink kitten-like nose, didja?

I woke up having a dream in which I had 2 pet rats. They were almost as big as my 6 pound chihuahua. One male, one female. I was incredibly attached to these rats. (Incidentally, this is not the first time I've dreamed of loving pet rats. It is a recurring theme. In real life I am terrified of rodents.)

Anyhoo... I was particularly close to the female rat and I dressed her up in clothes. They both wore clothing. She looked like she was ready for a tea party. I had started to notice that she was becoming more wild and less like a pet. By the end of this dream, I was very sadly realizing that her RAT nature had taken over and she wasn't the sweet, loving, and adorable rodent I had known. I was resigning myself to accepting that I was going to have to let her go back into the wild, because of her rat nature. I felt very sad to lose her.

Interpretation: Muy Obvioso. In my waking life, I fell in love with a rat that I utterly cherished and hoped to spend forever with. I totally believed he was civilized and domesticated. Sadly, his rat nature overtook him and he was no longer the sweet, loving, adorable rodent I had known and gotten so bonded with. He turned into a big toothy RAT that wanted to hurt me. And it was sad. I had to let him go back into the wild and my subconscious mind is trying to wrap around this very sad fact.

Eat some cheese, Rat!

(Inside joke for the rat himself.)

Bwah, don't be offended by the rat imagery. Rats are a subconscious symbol to me that I should tread carefully or that I have put my trust in the wrong person. I always love the rat in the dream or have crushing compassion for it.

A rat in a dream once showed me that one a trusted male boss at the facility we both used to work at was a bad person with evil intent and we know how that turned out... I guess that is a bad example of why you shouldn't take offense, because he really did turn out to be a rat in human form. But let's say, when I realize I've been played or someone should not be trusted, I dream of rats and I'm always sympathetic to the rat and very sad about the plight of the rat.

Eat some cheese, Rat!

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