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2016-06-07 - 2:44 p.m.

I've got company coming today. I forgot all about it. My sister told me a long while back that she wanted to bring her daughter and step-daughter to Houston to see some kind of a kid event that is going on here this week. I was supposed to ask for tomorrow off and all this was agreed upon. I got off the phone and promptly forgot all about it. I didn't ask for tomorrow off, I did not pass go, I did not collect the 200 dollars. I just totally cleaned my mind of all thought of this event. So here we are with flooding and road closures left and right. I think it's going to be doable anyway. The road closure that prevents me from getting to Costco is supposed to be ended at 5 pm today (Thank God). The rest of the route seems to be above water. The show happens in the evening so I didn't need the time off for that.

So here they come.

I need to venture out and buy some snacky foods and drinky stuff. My boys are getting a little nervous since they ate the last of their favorite treats and they are now left with only their less favorite treats, copious cheese bites, the last 2 minty chew sticks, and all the people food they feel so very entitled to. These are trying times for a couple of greedy little tyrants. Well, one greedy little tyrant and one loping moose of a puppy. He is still a small breed dog, but WOW did he grow more than I expected! He is way bigger than Dexter. Such a sweet baby though.

I am completely done with my work for all my jobs! This is amazing and wonderful. So... even though I didn't ask for tomorrow off, I'm kinda off anyway. I can't just freely leave, I have to be available for my students, but I can play and visit all day without falling behind. So yay.

The boy has let his mother down already. Twice. First of all, he was supposed to stay there with her and not try to take off right away. So he took off almost right away to see his dad. But not to worry, he was only going to be there a few days and would be back before the weekend. Yeah, the one that just passed and no, he is not back yet. So... he was supposed to be back today to take care of the dogs and the house while she is gone. She knows him so she lied and told him she had to leave by noon and he had to be there before she goes.

Guess who didn't show up? He's still at his dad's even as I type this. So it will be hours before he gets to her house. She is leaving anyway and he now gets to clean up any accidents the dogs have in the house while he is not there yet. She should have fed them boiled eggs and coconut oil so the mess would be heinous and the remorse heavy.

There is a blog name that I see very often in the recent public entries when I'm in here writing and every time I see it, I think it says "ladyofjizz". That would be a bit of an oxymoron.

Not every thought one has should be shared, but there you have it.

I'm sorry, ladyofjizz.

I mean Jazz.

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