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2016-06-05 - 2:44 p.m.

Swing low, sweet chariot...

I'm kind of stranded at home. The upside to being stranded is I have a chance to do a lot of things that get pushed aside when I can go places.

The water is high and the roads between me and every place I want to go are still closed. Fortunately I have a clear path to my neighborhood grocery store so I don't have to rough it. I don't really need to go there, because without the nephew around, my supplies last and last. With only me to feed, my Blue Apron box keeps me in dinners all week. One night this week I cooked some breakfast food for dinner and I have one more meal left to cook from Blue Apron, but it makes two dinners, so I will have one tonight and one tomorrow. Then Tuesday I will have a brand new box. I wonder how Crow Fart is liking her Blue Apron experience.

I am going to go see my dad (and mom) for Father's Day. I am thinking of taking a few days off that week leading up to it because I have a new assignment that begins Monday after Father's Day and I have already banked the maximum amount of PTO, meaning I won't accrue anymore until I use some. Since I have been working from home, I've only taken 1 sick day. There was only one day when I felt too sick to sit here and think. I don't have to take time off for things like appointments, my monthly curse, or errand running like I used to. My awesome boss doesn't give a rip what we do as long as we meet our deadlines and do our 40 hours a week.

Yesterday I was listening to some youtube videos about "Imagining the 10th Dimension" and it explained all of the first 10 dimensions. I cannot complete this thread of thought without writing a huge novel explaining the dimensions and my own personal beliefs about life and eternity so suffice it to say that the theory of these 10 dimensions plays right into my own theory about human existence, souls, and never ending energies. Interesting topic for a science nerd like me. Don't get me started on string theory!

So much to know... so little time. I have so many books to read (and write)so many things to master, so many opportunities to seize, so many creative expressions to make, so many things to learn, teach, give, get, share, consume, experience, manifest!

I am absolutely never bored. And that is a good thing. I feel bad for people who think life is boring.

This next thing will only make sense to people who have been in Second life: I'm kind of tempted to get some land and build an entire sim into an English garden. I would need a lot of prims for that. I am pretty sure I don't want to spend the money it would cost to get the prims it would take to complete this vision in my head. Maybe I could do a quarter sim. I would like to have a magical foresty area with a comfy chair out in the thick of it and maybe a sun ray coming through, to read by... a body of water with some lily pads and some sea life and above ground I'd like to have areas where I design elaborate gardens and put in many different types of plants. Maybe even imitate the famous English Garden "Hidcote". I have added Hidcote Manor Garden to my bucket list of things to see before I kick it. It would be interesting to imitate it in second life. Hmmm

I sat down here to write and then work... and now I'm thinking about building something in Second Life. I'd better work first.

Here goes me!

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