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2016-05-11 - 5:38 p.m.

2016 has been brutal so far. So many deaths, so many celebrities dead. My bro-in-law, dead. Up outta nowhere. Celebrities that were way too young to go. My uncle hasn't died but he has been in such awful health all of this year so far, I wouldn't be surprised at any moment to hear he's gone. He is too young to be over-with too.

But Prince, y'all. Prince? Come on now... He exercised, he ate healthy, he died anyway. I mean, he seemed to be in great shape. Drugs, I suppose. I didn't want to talk about Prince. I don't like to be cliche. I'd rather keep it to myself, but there was a lot of Prince music that I liked back in the day. My usual music of choice is alternative rock, anything that involves Maynard, hard rock, and the like. But there is an undeniable talent in Prince's music and it's happy music. I cannot help but want to hear me some Prince music right now and most afternoons since he died, I've been listening to his music and to some interviews. Guys who are turned off by the look should at least still be able to recognize the sheer guitar talent, if nothing else. He was just crazy good on the guitar.

Anyway... I have not been wearing sack cloth and ashes or anything... no loud displays, no big speeches.. I'm just listening to some Prince here and there. Day before yesterday the nephew strolled into my office and announced "You need to get over it." I laughed. It was funny. He was all intervention mode. Serious facial expression and the whole nine. It was funny and all, but for some reason I don't want him to catch me again until some time has passed. Until it's not a big deal anymore.

So now I am listening to Prince, even as I type this, but I'm listening out for the kid to come home, at which point I will shut it down pronto because I am now self conscious about my Prince listening.

The kid just finished his semester of school so he will be carrying his narrow ass to his mama's house very soon. He's already kind of dreading that podunk town and he imagines that if he gets a job delivering pizzas over the summer the people there won't tip well. LOL. I told Judgey McJudgerson that he cannot know that until he goes and finds out. That podunk town may be chock fulla generous souls.

I'll soon be all up in the palace by myself. The fast carbs shall not dwell in this place during the weeks of summer. I'm going to dance and treadmill all the while.

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