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2016-05-08 - 9:22 p.m.

I had a really nice weekend with my daughter. She came to see me for Mother's Day. I had planned to go there to see her and also my mom and dad, but my folks had to leave town unexpectedly to take my sick uncle to a hospital several hours away and somehow it was determined that my daughter would come spend the weekend with me. We had a really good time, but as always, our time went by too fast.

The whole weekend flew by too quick and now I have to get right back to work. Poo.

Last night I dreamed my kid was mad at me and my mom was sloppy drunk at her job and I had to go over there to get her home safely. In real life, my mom doesn't have a job and she is not a big drinker, but in the dream, I drove up, parked my car, went in the place and asked another employee there "Where is she?" like it was old hat and I was used to coming to find my drunk mother. The person directed me towards the back of the building and said "She's in the back". So I walked back there and she was all decked out in this purple sweater dress and very high heels. She was all Jane Fonda'd out with the hair and makeup. (My mom looks a bit like Jane Fonda) and she was crying... because drunk. So I said "Maaaahm.... mom Why mom? You're at WORK. Come on... let's get you home." She was trying to act like she was not drunk but instead was legitimately sad about something cry-worthy. But she was totally just drunk.

This is really weird because my mother would just never ever in a million years get drunk on purpose for one thing, but to drink on the job would absolutely never ever happen. She would never have worn that purple dress either.

I'll have to go see ole drunky pretty soon, since I couldn't see her for Mother's Day.

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