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2016-05-09 - 4:18 p.m.

I suffer from Bag Lady Syndrome. This is a deep seated fear that one day I will make one false move and lose everything, subsequently becoming homeless and having to sleep under a bridge somewhere. This doesn't match up with my reality, since I have a few resources to go through before I would hit that last step on the staircase of life. I've got skills so I'm very employable, an emergency fund, a house with equity, and a family who would take me in if everything else fell through. And yet...

So in light of new compliance requirements that were developed to get coders to dig for more info and doctors to add more details to their documentation, my department members are having weekly conference calls in which we go over one chosen facility's audit each week to discuss and learn from each other's mistakes. Oh goodie. All of us, all of our facilities will be scrutinized in front of the others.

We've had 3 meetings so far and we went over the things that were missed and all the things that could have been done differently for a compliant result. A spreadsheet is made for each audit with the mistakes highlighted in bright colors. We've had 3 meetings so far and the audits for all of them were adequately flawed. Today I got notification that my biggest baddest facility is next. It is one that I often "hurry" on. So I braced myself and opened the attachment to view the damage.

Zero errors!

Not a single one. My report is all white with nothing whatsoever highlighted. So I guess I get to live to see another day. haha. I'm stoked about this, because I worry sometimes that I have rushed through my work too much or I wonder if I am missing things from time to time. Validation like this is a comfort. I mean, I do know my strengths, but you can never rest on your laurels because just when you think you're invincible, you find out that you are actually quite vincible after all.

My bag lady syndrome makes me think it's going to be terrible and I will have numerous ridiculous mistakes hauled out for the amusement of all my colleagues. My boss is actually expecting mistakes and this is not a situation that is going to get anyone in hot water. And I still managed to dread my turn.

And now, I must get back to the old grind before I am exposed for the lollygagging ne'er do well that I am.


Philly - you are my "familiar" and I miss you.

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