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2016-04-25 - 1:59 p.m.

I was out in my back yard and a single Monarch butterfly flew up to me and fluttered all around me like I was Cinderella and it was about to help me get ready for the ball. Butterflies have special meaning for me.


You may ask yourself "How did she know the butterfly was single?"

Simple. No wedding ring.

In other news:

I succeeded in my plan to do so much work that there was nothing left for Monday. So today I only have to do the tasks that are generated today. It feels good to be oh so caught up. Everyone is back to work, so I am only having to do *my work, which is nice. This two weeks of covering for 2 vacationers was not nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be. I enjoyed my weekend and felt like I had plenty of time to rest and recharge even though I was doing work here and there.

I've got to do some trip planning. I've got to plan a spa weekend for me and my daughter and a vacation in Estes Park for me and my sister. My kid. She needs. She neeeeeeds.

I wish all my peeps would get their shit together and realize that you CAN make things happen. And time is short. And don't settle for less. And don't be a dick.

All words to live by.

I know some fellers who may especially need to learn that last one.

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