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2016-04-23 - 3:29 p.m.

I think I know what I'm going to do. I think I am going to buy land in Northwest Arkansas. Everything is cheaper there. The land is beautiful, it's in "The Natural State", there are four distinct seasons. The Autumn foliage is so vivid that people make trips there just to see the natural beauty. It's cooler than here, but not cold for half the year like Colorado, it is close enough to get to my folks easily yet far enough to prevent my mom from planning my life for me. It is an ideal place to make a homestead, property taxes would be a fraction of what I pay here, I could buy land now and either buy a place that already has a cabin or trailer on it, or buy the raw land and have the utilities run while I'm still living here. Then I could get my house plans and have this house built on that land, or choose another house. I'm thinking of buying a place with enough acres to be a family compound. My sister is on board. My folks like that area. My kid is not going to move one foot outside of where she is right now as long as she is with this home grown mama's boy she is dating right now. He's not willing to move so much as one town away from his mama. So I'll have to just continue visiting her and she can come see me in the Ozarks instead of in Texas. I like the guy she dates, but I wish he was not so limited.

This is how I am thinking right now. It has dawned on me, like divine inspiration, that I can totally do this and I would love living in that part of the country. I used to go up there for spa weekends and vacations in the fall, until I moved to Texas. It's too far from here for a quick jaunt so I haven't been there in a long time. Fayetteville is a college town and they have everything I need right there, and Eureka Springs is about 50 miles from there and it is a quaint little artist's colony and I would have fun spending occasional weekends there. Fayetteville was voted third best town in America to live in due to climate, natural beauty, low crime, and low cost of living. It has also been voted most beautiful city. I really think this would be a good place to live.

I was looking at a downright magical piece of property that was 22 acres of land for 44K. It's on a paved road, near Eureka Springs. I could totally sell my house and pay cash for that land and still have money to contract a house or even put a really cute modular home or a log cabin on it. I think I want to be closer to Fayetteville for practical reasons though. But it is nice that there is so much gorgeous land for sale out in that area for so low a price.

And now... I am about to fly into such a frenzy of coding that there will be nothing left to do on Monday. Stand back, coding professional at work!

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