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2016-04-21 - 2:53 p.m.

My wee buddy is back at work and I have less to do today. I can afford a little play time. I should never watch infomercials. I always want the thing, no matter what it is. If I watch the infomercial, I just fall for it hook line and sinker. I mostly skip them now. I listened to one today and it was for super duper heart health vitamins. So tempting to buy the damn vitamins. They are expensive. I think I'll take up all my other expensive vitamins that I already ordered before I buy any more expensive vitamins. I'm all low carb and whole foods, I'm a treadmilling fool, and I have "ideal" cholesterol readings. I should be ok for a hot minute. Let's hope. I'm thinking of going full-on ketogenic again. I feel better when I'm keto-adapted. It;s danger time though... blue berry season. I can't hardly resist blueberries. I have 5 big blueberry bushes and they are loaded with berries. I think I've got to harvest before I try to go into ketosis. Let's face it.

The boy is going to spend the summer with his mama. Things have been going very well around here. I am almost sad to see him go, but I know I will enjoy a summer of being on my own and doing whatever the hell I want. I mean... it's nice to not have to cook if I don't feel like it. Or to do a severely restricted regimen if I want or run around naked, or sing opera or sing naked opera while running... without an audience. I'm thinking of getting meals from "My fit foods" during the summer while he is gone. It's too expensive to put us both on it so I don't do it while he is here. I don't want to cook different food for him than what I'm eating, so I think I'll seize my opportunity to do it over the summer while he is gone. I'm not sure when spring semester is over but he will be going to his mom's place shortly after classes get over with.

When I let him move in he was 17 and I was thinking "couple years". Now he will be 21 in a few months and he's barely started on the education he came here for. I'm about ready for my little bird to fly. And at the same time, I love him and want him to feel welcome. Maybe he will meet some girl he likes or find that he likes living with his mom now that there's no step-dad to avoid and he'll decide to stay there. But I doubt it. haha

He's a good guy. We have lots of laughs (and the occasional frowns). Here's a laugh:

The Boy: (while observing me chopping vegetables) "You have bad knife safety."

Me: ::laugh::

The Boy: Seriously, you need a slap chop.

Me: Your FACE needs a slap chop.


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