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2016-04-19 - 12:47 p.m.

The Boy: Where are you going?

Me: Nowhere

The Boy: Why are you putting on makeup?

Me: Cause I'm a girl and it's what we do.

The Boy: If you aren't going anyplace, you aren't going to see anyone.

Me: Sometimes I just like to put on makeup, is that ok with you? Plus, the maids are coming so I will be seeing people.

The Boy: They are female. You are wasting your resources.

Me: Because makeup is only for attracting da mens...

The Boy: Total waste of resources.

Me: Thank you, Mr. Doomsday Prepper. We must conserve our makeup.


He got up and got ready for school, got all the way over there, and they've called it off because there was flooding in Houston yesterday. No flooding anywhere around here mind you, but school is off. Houston is nuts though. Sometimes when it rains, water pools up deeper than the cars in the underpasses in just a very few minutes. The first thing I saw online yesterday was a business man in a suit swimming away from his car. It totally sunk in the time it took him to swim about 15 feet away from it. Weirdness.

I'm being super productive today. Yesterday was not nearly as bad as I expected. Monday is work avalanche day and I had 3 avalanches on my main job to tend to and 2 on my side job. Somehow I prevailed. And today I have a good bit to do, but nothing too insurmountable.

Had a good visit with my sister and niece. The boy got lots of special treatment and he is pretty much back to normal with a slight amount of swelling still visible. This does not stop him one bit though. He doesn't care if he has chipmunk cheeks. He goes out anyway.

I think my dear friend and co-worker will be back tomorrow to take her facilities back. Yay, says I. This coverage hasn't been as taxing as I expected it to be. I'm still covering for the other co-worker until next week.

Back to the salt mines...

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