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2016-04-12 - 11:13 a.m.

Good News!! My pups are both heart-worm free and in good health. Dexter has a heart murmur but apparently that is to be expected in small dogs who are older. Now they tell me. When I have 2 small dogs that I love like I birthed them myself. Smaller dogs have longer life expectancies, heart murmurs and all, I guess. Let's hope so.

I gave the boys their doses of heart worm prevention. I feel much better going into spring with their prevention on track. Jax grew bigger than the upper limit of his dose, so I had to take them in to have them tested and new weight-appropriate meds prescribed. Jax weighs 9 pounds and 2 oz. He is quite a little chunk, considering that my older one is 6 full pounds of fierce chihuahua fury and Jax is half again as big as him.

I am in work hell, Trying to juggle my 4 jobs (and my coder quit at one of my side facilities so I'm doing all her stuff) and cover for another employee on my main job who is on vacation for 2 weeks and... day after tomorrow I have to start doing my buddy's job too, because she is leaving for a week. My boss tried to sneak in yet another facility for me to cover but fortunately for me, I can't get access to that facility's billing software so I should be off the hook on that one.

With all this going on, I am having house guests this weekend. I have the chance to suck up a lot of overtime, but I don't want to work the whole time my sister and niece are here.

Everything happens at once.

The powers that be called me and asked me to interview the candidate they are considering for the job left open by the sudden quitter. I like the fact that they felt like they needed my input on the hiring. I am happier and happier with this side job all the time. I want to keep all my jobs, for the security of it, but it would be kind of nice to branch out and just do side facilities. They end up paying a lot more money for the effort. I've worked for these people before and they are not completely stable. I can't totally depend on them because of many reasons, but they pay great while the sun is shining. I have a long and positive history with them. The owner has lost his ass more than once. haha. That man has lost more money than I will probably ever see, but he rebuilds and re-emerges. Like a Phoenix, he rises from the ashes with a new string of businesses. I really like working for this crazy guy. He has sent me on some of the craziest missions. I used to be a traveling consultant for his medical management company and I have many funny, happy memories of the various crooks and wild characters I've had to deal with. They asked me to hide in some bushes outside a fancy restaurant one night so I could hop out and serve court papers to a criminal who was referred to as "The Mexican Mafia" among our circles. I declined. I'm not generally trying to "hide in the bushes" anywhere and serving papers to criminals is not on my list of available services but my friend and co-worker actually did it and enjoyed it. She took a lot of pleasure in giving that crook an unpleasant surprise.

The owner and his business partner at the time got a kick out of my "directness", so they always wanted me to be at all the physician meetings so I could "get in there and tell 'em how it's gonna be". They called me their secret weapon.

You know, I have really enjoyed my career so far. I guess I really am a career woman. Nowadays you kinda have to be career oriented if you want to have freedom and experiences. I am thankful that my dad was a military man. I think that is what made me fearless. I know it is what makes me able to make any place my home. I had loads of practice at getting used to a complete life change.

Holy crap! I think I just discovered the meaning of life! Like the movie "Frozen" tells us... "Let it go". Let go of things you thought had to be a certain way. Let go of thinking you have to be in the one place you've lived all your life. Love the people you have while you have them and then when they inevitably prove they don't give a shit about you... let em da fuck go. Right? Good advice. I'll be taking that advice any minute now.

But seriously tho... people who can let go of the heartbreaks and who can take things as they come and enjoy whatever there is to enjoy... those people live longer and happier lives. Letting go is the hardest thing, but it is one of my karmic lessons. I am aware of 2 of my karmic lessons: 1. Don't procrastinate until a small issue turns into a big mess, and 2. Let go

Knowing what my karmic lessons are and mastering them are 2 different things. In all things though, I know what it is that I have to do. All the answers are already there.

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