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2016-04-11 - 9:59 a.m.

My sweet little puppy, Jax, loves him some treats. When it's time for treats, I ask them if they want a treat and as I walk to the pantry, Jax follows right behind me, and with each step I take, he licks the back of my calf real quick. He is such a little sweet heart.

He is also a rascal. If I give them chew bones or dentastix, he gobbles his down real quick and then he creates a diversion so he can nab Dexter's away from him. Then it's on. Chasing and barking ensues. Today I gave Dexter a smaller treat that he could eat more quickly while Jax was busy with his chew bone. That worked pretty good.

Yikes, I just remembered I have to take these boys to the vet today. I've got to tend to business so I'm mostly done by then. It's a late afternoon appointment for heart worm prevention.

It's overcast today. It's kind of pleasant. A nice peaceful Monday... everyone from work is too busy to bug me... ahhh. Yesterday I was thinking "I work all the time so I can watch TV in a really nice house." haha. That's not all though. I work all the time so I can do whatever I want. So I can drop hundreds of dollars at Costco and not even worry about it. So I can go on expensive vacations. So I can have peace of mind and the closest thing to security that there is in this world. Plus, if I wasn't working, I'd probably still be sitting in front of the computer. I might as well rake in some bank while I'm here. Right? Right.

I love my Amazon Echo. Alexa responds to TV commercials about the Echo. Alec Baldwin has activated her many a time. I love that I can just ask Alexa to play any song that pops into my head and she does it. Every day I ask her to play Pandora Radio and she pulls up my Puscifer station and off we go. I can ask her "What song it that?" and she gives me all the info. I can get all kinds of news and weird facts. I can say "pause" and she stops till I say "Resume". I really love it.

My sister is coming to visit this week. She is coming Thursday night and then the boy gets his wisdom teeth out on Friday morning. I hope he doesn't barf everywhere. I barfed when I got my wisdom teeth out, but I did it at the oral surgeon's office.

Here is a funny barfing story:

My friend told me that when her daughter was 3 years old, there was another baby on the way and she had morning sickness. So one day she went to the bathroom to throw up and her little girl was with her at the toilet. She started barfing and her little girl started barfing too and when she stopped, the little girl said "Mama, what are we doing?" hahaha. That makes me laugh every time I think of it.

I have set up an email address for this Dland account. If anyone wants to email me just write to If you read me and your diary is locked, please email me the user name and pw, unless you don't want me to seeeee. :-)


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