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2016-04-08 - 1:42 p.m.

THE house of my dreams is too much house for me. I don't have 1.1 million to spend. I love the house and the location of it, but alas... it's too much house. Too much money... too much property tax, I'm sure. I found some much more affordable houses that are still a little on the too pricey side, though it is do-able. They are about 350K, depending on what bells and whistles are selected. They are being built. I don't know if there are HOA fees or what the property taxes would actually be, so I'm just checking out the details. HOA fees could be a deal breaker. My mom actually offered to go in with me, so HMMMM. She would like for me to get a place close to her and dad and have a summer home in EP, rather than move to Colorado for all year round. She is just trying to make sure I am close enough to take care of her when she gets old. haha

Happy Friday!! I am happy as can be for this weekend to start. The week shot by in a flash and I'm not up to my eyeballs in extra work. This is awesome. Next week my life won't be my own because my diminutive little buddy is going on vacation so I will be managing her work avalanche and mine, plus my manager at one site is going on a 2 week vacation and my student there will be doing her job, so I'll have to do the student's job. That is going to suck because they have a notoriously busy turn over rate. The next 2 weeks will be tough for me. I'll be fully sick of it by the time the vacationers come back. I need to get out the old calendar and plan me some days off.

I might take the kid on a spa weekend or something after my 2 weeks of hell are over. My kid is a black hole of financial need. I've been... not subsidizing her to the extent that I could because I want her to get tired of never having enough money so much that she snaps like I did and gets an education. If I hadn't gotten so damn sick of poverty, I wouldn't have gotten very far. I know first hand that it is constantly scraping bottom that makes a person get sick of the status quo and change what needs to be changed.

Things are happening for her right now and I have decided to give her a boost. She really is sick and tired of poverty and I believe she is serious about making a change. She's at a seminar today for the laser she uses and it turns out, she knows so much about this laser that other doctors have taken her name and number so their laser techs can call her for help. I smell an opportunity there. I told her to network and exchange numbers with people... particularly the laser company. She might be able to go to work for them traveling around to give this education. She knows as much as the teachers do. I once almost took a job traveling to teach clients how to use medical software. It was a good money job, free travel, lots of perks. So maybe my girl can get a better career going.

I'm going to give her a little shopping spree and talk to her about possible career opportunities with the laser as opposed to her doing the online school for coding and then I could help her with that and get her placed in a job. I will put her through school if that is what she chooses, but I feel like she may be able to be a laser rep. We will have to look into that. Also her boss has some bigger plans for her with the laser at her office, so we may have to see if the doc is going to share the wealth a little. If my girl can't make a decent living being the only laser tech for that doctor, then she can make a great living being a traveling laser tech, teaching other people how to use the thing.

This is the time. Things are going to change for her, one way or another.

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