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2016-04-06 - 3:22 p.m.

I've messed around all day and gotten not very much accomplished so far. I've spent too much time looking at properties on Realtor dot com. It is amazing how much the price of real estate varies from one place to another. The whole state of Colorado is overpriced, but I don't think it ever loses value. I think it just climbs. There are some do-able things there, but I don't want to pay as much for a shack in Estes Park as I paid for my palace in Texas. It just offends my sensibilities. I could buy a time share and call it a day but I don't want something that's mine for 2 weeks a year. I looked in some other towns besides Estes Park and I think the feeling wouldn't be the same. I think it's got to be EP or bust.

I guess it's time to manifest some bigger funds for Operation Summer Home. I found THE place. THE. PLACE. It's 1.1 million, so... not so do-able without a partner or a miracle or both. It's just sickening that I can't scratch up the money for THE place. It's the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen. It is architecturally beautiful and has all this fancy deck all around it and the setting is Colorado beautiful. ::sigh::

Note to self: Buy lottery tickets and double down on the manifesting.

My boss, (the one I really like a lot) called me today and asked me a question that she really should have known the answer to. I mean... it was a really entry level question. Sometimes I wonder about her. It might just be that she has been busy managing people and has forgotten how to do the thing we do. Sometimes I wonder if she knows what the hell she is doing. haha

I've got to get some carpenters in here to give me estimates on my house repairs. I still haven't done it. You know... I could totally do the things that have to be done myself. All I need to do is get some replacement padding for the one bedroom where they pulled up the soggy pad, tack the carpet back down, put the baseboards back on, and repaint in the hall. Or pay some handyman a little bit of nothing to do it for me. I need to at least get some estimates.

I think I'm going to do some calling right now.

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