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2016-04-04 - 10:15 a.m.

I got every last thing done for all my side jobs and I think I can get my main job all done today. That is a good feeling. I feel so accomplished. Ahhhhh...

I did manage to get by the new Costco yesterday. It was pretty much just like Sam's Club, but they have a few things that Sam's doesn't have so I will be going back. I didn't even get a membership. This was just a scouting expedition. I didn't like the way they were making each and every person listen to a presentation about their $100 membership (which I ain't buying) and I didn't want to hear it. Their sales pitch was bottle-necking the line for getting a membership so I just looked around the store for a bit and left. I'll go back on a week day when it's not so crowded. By the time I got done with the ordeal of getting a membership, the store would have been closed. I did notice that some of the things I buy at Sam's are a few dollars cheaper at Costco.

When I got to Costco, I saw a young dad with 2 little kids trying to shove one of those incredibly huge Costco Teddy bears into his car. It was hilarious. The Teddy bear looked bigger than his compact car and I thought he might not be able to get it in there. The kids were out of their minds with glee and he had to peel the littlest one off the bear a couple of times while wrestling it into the back seat of the car. Eventually, the bear filled up every inch of air space in the back half of the vehicle. There was no light coming through. The dad couldn't see out the back at all. The 2 kids had to share one seat and it wasn't safe, but they had them a bear! If you haven't seen these Costco bears, they are super huge. Like, the head took up half the back seat. When the bear was laying down, just it's head and part of the belly were inside the vehicle. They had to shove and cram and then press the door shut. When I got inside, I looked to see what the bear costs, and I've already forgotten the exact price but it was around $180. That is a lot of money for something that is going to dwarf a kid's bedroom and catch a lot of dust. But that is just the sort of thing that is fun to give to a little kid. I bet that was a divorced dad and he was looking forward to delivering it to his ex wife's house and secretly saying "Stuff THIS somewhere". haha

It's Monday and I'm not totally snowed under. Yay me.

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