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2016-04-02 - 5:01 p.m.

A new Costco store has been opened in my town. I am probably going to go check it out tomorrow. I was going to do it today but I've messed around too long and it closes soon. Maybe tomorrow.

It has been a beautiful day today. The weather couldn't possibly be any nicer than it is. Not hot, not cold, comfortably cool in a spring-like way. My grass is a little long and my yard crew didn't show up today. They are all paid up, so I suspect they have taken on more business than they can really handle. They have quite the business going. It's a professional yard crew and they have many yards in my neighborhood, so they park on my street and the weed eater guy goes from house to house doing the edging while the mower guys go down the street mowing front and back yards, there's a weed picking guy and lastly the leaf blower guy goes around and clears the driveways, sidewalks, and porches. Altogether it takes them about 10 minutes to do my yard. It only costs me 25 bucks a time. Can't beat that! They only come around as needed in the non-growing season. When the grass starts growing they come once a week. They repeat what they do on my street in different neighborhoods every day. So the owner of this operation probably pays the crew guys about $10 an hour times about 5 guys and they are generating for him about $150 an hour. If he has more than one crew working, which he probably does... he is raking it in. I've seen a red truck and a white truck. The owner looks like a retired model/actor or something. He's very easy on the eyes. He looks like he should be on Dancing With the Stars. His wife is the bookkeeper though, so I won't be offering him any of my "cookies". Hah!

I have potted petunias in my back yard and they have started growing outside the pot. One is all the way over by the fence. There's this one random little Magenta petunia. That petunia is me. The wild rogue petunia who won't stay where she is planted. I'm thinking about where to spring up next. I'm leaning towards the Ozark Mountains. But that's this week. We shall see what new mood rolls in next week.

I'm also considering the alternate possibility of buying a less expensive place near my family and a summer place in Colorado. I wish my folks had land so I could have a cabin or something there for not too much money and then buy a nicer place in Colorado. Ideally I would like to live in Colorado during May - October. My mom's best friend has a trailer with a big deck on it and a carport that is already set up and was bought brand new 7 years ago. A little old lady lived in it and recently died. My mom's friend is only asking 25K for the whole thing. I could pay cash for that and not have a monthly payment at all. Then sell my house and use the equity for my new place in Colorado. So do-able. That trailer would just be a spot to perch when I'm visiting family. I would probably be sad sitting in that trailer knowing I gave this house up.

People, we have this one chance to be who we are in this life. This incarnation. This state of being. It seems a shame to live it in one place, doing one thing, letting it all go by. Some people do spectacular things with their life. I want to travel and move around, but I don't want to miss what could be my last chances to be with the people I love in order to chase my dreams with my gypsy feet. Maybe I should just get a nice forever home somewhere close to the family and take really good vacations every year. That would quell my urge to roam and fulfill my urge to be near my people. I don't know yet what I'll do. I could buy a house in Colorado and call it a summer home and spend the winter at my parent's house and the rest of the time in my Colorado house and my family would definitely come see me. That one sounds pretty good. Hmmmmm

I miss you, C. That feeling you got? Twas me.


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