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2016-04-01 - 1:51 p.m.

"Rock me baby like my back ain't got no bones"

That is a piece of a very old sounding song on the Dr. Laura show. She had just told the last caller to give her husband more sex. haha. Funny.

I am so happy it is Friday, I mean, TGIF has never been such a dead on perfect statement to sum up my feelings. I am going to be working like a rented mule this weekend but still. The freedom of not having people from work calling me makes me happy. I feel like I have this big 48 hour window of opportunity to get a lot done and still have time to relax and enjoy some time off.

Something really bad happened today that makes my life more difficult for the next little while. My student on one of my side facilities up and quit today with no notice. She got pissed because a friend of hers who was the HR person got fired today, so she quit in solidarity. Dr. Laura would rip her up one side and down the other, just saying.

This is a tragedy because this woman is a sharp cookie and she was really doing quite well with what I was teaching her. (unlike this other spud I'm trying to teach at another place.) It is surprising to me that this particular woman allowed herself to get emotional and just quit like that. She was kind of overwhelmed with her workload and I recently informed the big boss over hiring and firing that she was overwhelmed and might start thinking about quitting if they didn't get her some help. So they really should have listened to me on that one...

I will be the only coder for that place until they hire someone and then I'll be starting over with the training. That is kind of good, because it smells like job security to me. They need me more than ever right now. Oh Goodie! More for me to dooooooooo.

I lucked up and got my nephew a Friday appointment in the middle of April for his wisdom tooth ordeal. My sister is going to come over and we are going to have a great weekend. We will have significantly more fun than the nephew... but I don't think it will be as bad as he thinks it will be. I don't remember having any pain really after getting my wisdom teeth out. He thinks he is going to be in agony. I find this funny, but I know what it's like to be scared about dental things, so I do have compassion for his plight.

He stayed out too late, blew off his curfew, and didn't get enough sleep last night and then he got called in to work today. So he is suffering the effects of instant karma right now.

My tangerine tree is covered in tiny little tangerines. I hope they don't all fall off. I think they are going to grow. Last year it didn't even bloom. The year I bought it I got about 2 dozen fantastic little tangerines off it and the next year all the little fruits fell off. I need to re-pot it but I don't dare try that until this crop is harvested. In the fall after this crop is over, I'm going to replant it in a half barrel or something big like that. If I did it now, the fruit would fall off.

Can't have that.


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