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2016-03-31 - 2:54 p.m.

Last night I must have been spinning in my sleep. I had to go into the gator death roll to get unwound from my covers this morning. I was laughing by the time I got free. I was wrapped up like a tamale.

I'm trying to get the nephew's wisdom teeth extractions done and there are scheduling problems. Of course. The only time they can possibly do it is on a Tuesday which would knock him out of 2 school days and maybe make him lose his precarious grip on his grades. We can get a Friday surgery, but we'd have to wait until May and he is already having pain so that seems out of the question. I'll be glad when this thing is off my list of things to do and worry about.

I am listening to Sirius radio while I work and Dr. Laura is SO RUDE to her callers. Sometimes she is right, and sometimes I disagree with her opinion. Sometimes she is right but she is unnecessarily harsh with the caller. A little compassion might help the person, but instead of doing that, she will say "I can't help you. You don't want to solve your problem" and she moves on to the next call. She's much nicer to the male callers I've noticed.

I have a manifestation story: I was listening to some stuff about "The Law of Attraction" and manifestation in general and this lady on a video said to test the law of attraction and just prove it to yourself. Put a time frame on it, note the time and ask for something great to happen that you've been wanting to happen. Determine that within 48 hours something so great will happen that you will know this has to be your manifestation come to fruition. It's the universe conspiring to help you. So I noted the time. It was 3:09 pm when I started the clock. I didn't know what to ask for, so I left it open and just threw it out there that I am looking for something good to happen by 3:09 day after tomorrow. Within a couple of hours, my daughter called and told me that something has happened in her life that I've been wishing for. I described this to her last time we were together. I told her I hoped that her boss would make her the only laser tech in the office and give her a raise. So that was delivered. It happened. It's like the last wish I made, came true. When I asked for a wish to come true. Interesting.

I'm going to do some more direct manifesting and see what pops up.

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