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2016-03-29 - 4:58 p.m.

I had a dream about being all dressed up and wearing spike heels while trying to walk uphill through a muddy path. Needless struggle. It was a narrow path and the mud was deep. My heels were sinking all the way in to the mud with every step. Hmmm... my work is a bit like an uphill walk through a muddy path, come to think of it. Perpetual avalanche.

Then there was something about my very close friend and co-worker was throwing a fancy party and she was uncharacteristically nervous about it. She was working like a Hebrew slave trying to get everything ready for her guests. I need to call her and tell her about it. She is usually not ever nervous about anything. She will get a kick out of it.

I got my new box of goods from Blue Apron. I'm not all that keen on the idea of cooking at the moment. I guess I will do it anyway though. I don't want to get behind. I've got to cook those 3 gourmet meals a week, no matter what. It will keep for 9 days, they say. I suppose I could just slack today or whip up something fast that I already know how to do. These dinners are not hard to do, but ya know.. I dun wanna. I made the calzones and they were super good, but a little bit labor intensive. Totally worth it though.

My pups are doing time in their carriers. Just a couple of felons in the lock down. They were driving me crazy and I needed to concentrate so in they went. They were fighting and yipping and carrying on. Once I round em up and throw them in the lock down, they chill right out.

I am on track to actually almost finish my work on time today so I'm going to go get it did so I can relax tonight. My life is about to get crazy for a couple of weeks in April when I'm covering for 2 people who will be out on vacation.That means I will have impossible amounts of work to do and will be working a lot of hours. Even more than usual. I am dreading it like poison. I may take some days off after that I'd like to maybe take a Wed - Fri and have a 2 day week followed by a 5 day weekend.

I think I will do a little break soon.


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