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2016-03-23 - 11:47 a.m.

I cooked the "English Pea and Goat Cheese Quiches". ERMAGERD, that was good. And now I know how to make that, forever. The dinner kit came with all the ingredients and there were two individual pie crusts. They were quite deep and they cooked up very crispety and perfect. They sent me fresh English peas, still in the pods and I had to shell peas. There was also Swiss chard in it, which I have never cooked before. Blue Apron is a really neat program, because you get these big card stock glossy sheets of instructions with photos and the recipe, which I will keep and refer back to. I will make a recipe book out of these. There are all kinds of little videos on the website with chef instructions. You learn about cooking from doing these recipes. I am already good at cooking and I understand what ingredients are good together. I am accomplished enough to not overcook or under-cook, and I'm good at seasoning, but this thing I'm doing will expand my knowledge of techniques and recipes. It's fun. I could buy these ingredients cheaper, but this is an experience and a cooking lesson, and a restaurant quality meal that saves me from grocery shopping. So bring it Blue Apron, bring it.

The nephew has announced that he wants to enroll for summer classes. This throws a big wrench in my summer plans, as I was planning to send him to his mama for the summer (and maybe forever). I want my summer break like I had last year. I am going to my sister's for Easter, so I guess I'll talk to her then and make sure she invites him in such a way that he cannot possibly refuse. He turns 21 this August and I'd like for his mother to have a turn at enjoying him. hahaha. I'd like for him to move permanently to her house so I can be the aunt instead of the mom/housemother,warden/investigator/workhorse. I feel like I've earned my right to coast. If he had done the things I instructed him to do, he would be done by now and would be starting his well-paid career. But noooooooooooooo. He has floundered (and partied) for 3 years and now I'm ready for it to be over and he has barely begun. He does seem much more serious about school now and sometimes he comes in really handy.. like when I had no clue where my fuse box was Friday night and he found it and got it opened up for me. It looked like it was bolted shut, but it wasn't. There was a hidden way to get it open and he found it. I don't know what I would have done if he hadn't been here.

I got so much work done last night. I still have a pile of it to go but Wednesday brings some relief every week the second half of the week is much easier than the first 2 days. I have an unfair deal on my main job right now. My buddy has the easy deal. I have two high volume hospitals and 2 students to review and it's just non-stop. I used to have one busy facility and one small easy one. Now my buddy has my small easy one and only one student while I'm stuck with students Frick and Frack and the 2 extremely high volume, rapid turnover facilities that keep me constantly busy. I almost dread for this to change though, because as soon as I lose one of these demons I know, I'll receive a demon I don't know in its place.

So I need to quit messing around and get after it before I fall hopelessly behind.


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