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2016-03-22 - 5:13 p.m.

Today has been a very busy day. I don't have time for writing. And yet... here I am, writing. I just want to take a little break away from looking at charts.

Today I was expecting 4 things to happen: Water damage guy was coming to pick up the fans and dehumidifiers they left running here all weekend, bug man was coming to spray, maids were coming at 2 pm, and I was expecting delivery of my first box from "Blue Apron". They send you a cold box of groceries to make 3 gourmet dinners for two. The instructions and recipes are all included and I can save the recipe cards to make the ones I like again. I got a free week to try them out. This would feed me all week if the boy wasn't here. Everything is fresh and organic. It allows you to try things you would not have otherwise had occasion to try.

I thought the 4 things would happen across the span of the whole day, but everything sort of happened at once and the maids showed up at 10:30 instead of 2 pm. Everybody was out of here by 12:30. So now I am sitting here after furiously working all day and I've got dinner planned, the house cleaned, bugs sprayed, and dry-out equipment gone from my house. All is well. Except now I have to start calling carpenters and contractors for estimates on getting my house put back together. I'm thinking I will get an expensive contractor to give me a ridiculous price quote and then I'll use budget carpentry to actually do the work.

I need to take my dogs to the vet for shots, the nephew has sore wisdom teeth that have to be extracted, and I have to get my tax stuff together. I'm scared, since I made entirely too much money. First world problems, yo.

My mom has chronic bouts of depression, because she rips through her serotonin too fast. Every stressor eats up more serotonin than it should and she worries about things that have no effect on her life. She worries about other people's potential problems. She worries about things that are none of her business. She feels responsible for other people's messes and missteps. And she has some kind of guilt about taking the Zoloft she desperately needs. As a result, she is always and forever deciding she is cured and she needs to cut down or stop taking it. She recently started going to the gym and was feeling better... so she stopped her meds again. She hides it from me when she is planning to deep six her meds because she doesn't want to see me grab my head and scream NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. She doesn't want to hear me rolling my eyes across the phone lines. So today she was laying on her couch crying... because sad... because she quit her meds again. She confessed to stopping and says she's back on her meds now and won't quit them again. But I have heard that shit before. This is so frustrating to me that I really have nothing more to say about it. I just wish I could find a way to make sure she takes her meds.

Da funny: The best way to inflame my mother in a quick minute is to ask her if she took her meds today.

I've been absolutely jumping through hoops trying to get my work done today because I really have too much to do for my main job. Let's say my boss has a LOT of faith in me. Endless cases to review. Just endless. But... at least I don't clean my own house or do my own yard work. haha. I'm slowly working towards that full staff I need.

I like having other people busily cleaning stuff and I like having a perfectly clean house. I discovered that the nephew spilled motor oil in my garage and didn't bother to clean it and I'm going to either make him clean it or kill him when he gets home and I haven't decided which one yet.

I found a $6,500.00 mistake by one of my students. I caught it before it got sent out, thank goodness. She took it pretty well when I told her about it. I was glad it wasn't the nervous Nelly HIM manager that made the high dollar mistake. She would have gone buck wild on me. She is post-menopausal and a little bit ... emotional. She yelled and hung up on me the last time I pointed out a mistake of hers! I find it pretty funny. Ahhh... she is a treat. I understand her angst. No one likes their flaws pointed out, especially at work.

I want to go cook one of the lovely Blue Apron dinners right now, but I have a ton of work left so I think I'll do some more work first.

Here goes me...

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