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2016-03-21 - 7:56 p.m.

I'm so tired today. I was up too late last night and then when I slept, I was working in my sleep. I worked all night in my dreams and woke up ready to do something besides work, but alas... Monday knows no stopping place.

Today I woke up to 4 missed calls. Insurance adjusters, damage control dude, maid service... errbody need to talk. Two insurance adjusters came out and took a bunch of pictures. I had to call my tax guy today. I've got an extension filed. Details of life, man. Details of life. Plane tickets are cheap right now. Philly to Houston, round trip 68 bucks! Just saying. You can get a one way flight for as low as 19 bucks. Can't beat that! That is a special deal, major city to major city. I was browsing for summer vacation. Tickets to Denver. It's super cheap to book now. It will probably go up a little for summer. Usually does.

I bought new laundry soap and I HATE it. It is way too overly scented. I'm smell sensitive and cannot stand over-powering scents. I think I'm going to have to rewash everything in my regular Wisk. It has a lighter scent that smells good and clean, but doesn't give me a headache or make me want to go on a murdering spree.

Speaking of murdering sprees... I'm going to relax tonight and watch Bates Motel. Norman Bates is on a bit of a spree himself. OMG, it's already after 8 pm and I haven't eaten yet. Must go grubbing and then watch my show.


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