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2016-03-18 - 2:54 p.m.

I know some Irish folks that may not be feeling so great today.

I'm Irish by heritage, and 2 of the things the Irish are most known for are drinking and fighting. I don't do either of those things very much. I am lucky though, so I do have the luck o the Irish going for me.

I hit my full time hours on the main job by 2 pm today so I am now free to do whatever I want, though I do have a veritable shit load of work to do over the weekend for all my facilities. I got permission from New Boss at the main job to put in some overtime tomorrow, and I have a pile of backlog to do for one side facility, concurrent stuff for another, and I just finished some things for side facilities 3 and 4. I am about to do a major seminar for all my people at my 4 side jobs. They are woefully unprepared for some major changes happening this year. I've got to teach the coders how to maintain compliance in the coming year. I also have to give an education presentation to the physicians. I am THE ONLY person in the entire organization on all my side jobs combined, who understands the new rules and guidelines that we have to adhere to in order to avoid unholy disaster. It really pays to have a rare skill.

Thank goodness for all those problematic seminars I had to slog through to get the knowledge that makes all this possible today. I have a couple of ideas for writing a guide to be used to meet compliance. It's complex and overwhelming to think about teaching it all to the medical staff and coding staff. I know everyone in this field has the same problems and everyone wishes there was a guide. There's something else for me to do in my spare time. Har Har.

My nephew wants us to join the gym together and I am considering it. My issues are that I work all hours, I have and use daily my awesome treadmill, and I don't want to get ready and go someplace every day. He tells me "Wear sweats, put your hair in a bun, and don't wear make up. You're just going to sweat anyway. You don't have to be pretty when you're working out." I guess he has a valid point. We shall see.

Random thought: I love arugula, that spicy little leaf.

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