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2016-03-14 - 9:13 a.m.

I'm tired today. The nephew has of late begun staying up all night to play video games over the network, exercising his God given right as a 20 year old man to be up all night if he wants to, even if it is a bad idea, even if he has obligations the next day, even if it wakes me up all hours of the night, and even though I have to get up in the morning no matter what happens. He comes busting out of his bedroom at about 4:00 am every single night and when he pulls his door open, it suction-rattles my door, makes my dog bark, and wakes me up. This instantly pisses me off and makes me unable to go back to sleep, if I have even been asleep, since it irritates me that he insists on staying up. I don't want to threaten to throw him out over every little annoyance, so I've tried to get him to recognize that he is causing me a hardship.

We've had a couple of conversations at 4 am, when I got out of bed and went out to see what all the racket was. Last night he made coffee at 3:30 am. The smell of coffee also wakes me up and makes my digestive system wake up. There is no ignoring the smell of coffee. So I was laying in bed, unsuccessfully trying to sleep when at 4:07, he snatches his door open and it rattles my door nice and loud. He just went to the restroom and then he went back in his room to get back to his game.

So I silently got up, went to the router, and unplugged that bitch. Stealthily I eased back to my room, slid into bed, and eventually went to sleep. I guess I got about 3 hours and 45 minutes of sleep. I will have a headache today, cause that's how I roll on less than 5 hours of sleep. But tonight when I go to bed, the internet comes down. I'm guessing home skillet won't have quite as much of an urge to stay up all night long when there's no internet.

After 2 days of being on the phone with tech support, I booted up this morning to find that there is yet another Java update that I need tech support to log in remotely and run. My company has oh so cleverly set up the remote computers so that we remote workers can't do anything whatsoever to our company computers. This means all the simple little updates have to be done remotely so when Java has one of their 467 annual updates, I need a techie to install it for me.

Apparently trusting a professional employee who is at home and already has their own personal computer sitting there is completely out of the question. Partial permissions, just so we could run our own Java updates are also completely out of the question. Cause we are a bunch of mental and emotional 4 year olds who cannot refrain from loading up dangerous programs to our work computers, apparently. Nevermind the fact that some of us wouldn't do anything personal on a work computer anyway, because the IT people can see everything on the company pc. I know there are a lot of idiots in the world and they are just trying to avoid problems. But in doing so, they create a shit ton of problems. Like a long, drawn out tech support situation every time the computer needs an update.

I'm in an awesome mood due to sleep deprivation. This is going to stop happening to me. Tonight when I go to bed, so does the internet access.

I'll take the router to my room if I have to.

The first song to play on Pandora today was "Save Tonight" by Eagle Eye Cherry. Bwah, I don't have the strength today to hear our song and not be sad.

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