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2016-03-11 - 5:06 p.m.

A day in the life...

Here's how it is juggling 4 computer based jobs with ongoing technical difficulties: Yesterday my outlook express crashed. It had fallen and it couldn't get up. I was forced to call the "No Help Desk". The tech tried many things to get it working again, none of which worked. He had to "escalate my ticket" (that's what the kids are calling it these days)While my company pc was down, I was able to do some things for my other jobs on my personal computer. I had some reviews to do for a student I'm training for one side facility. So I did her reviews.

Another tech called me from IT and he had somehow deleted my outlook express entirely. Straight up annihilated it. Then he ran a DM Repair. It went on for so long that we eventually got off the phone with the plan that he would continue to fix my computer and put a note on my screen when he was done so I would know it was ready for me to use again. This is all done remotely of course. So while he is working on that, I've got 2 knuckleheads at one side job needing help so I helped them figure out their 2 terrible problems that had them all in an uproar. I also informed them of something I know darn well they do not know because I see them both making this same mistake, so I sent them a little FYI about why we don't do that. One of them didn't answer and the other denied that she does it. ::flat stare:: But now they know. So I'll expect to not see that mistake going forward.

Meanwhile, my main job computer started to shut down, over and over. The tech guy seemed to not be there any more. He had set up the DM repair and moved on. I found that I had to click through some windows to keep the progress going and sort of be on watch for it to need something. The DM Repair was going through every program on the system, repairing stuff and shutting down after some of the repairs were complete. When it seemed to be done, I called the no help desk again to ask about the status since Mr. Tech didn't leave that note he was supposed to leave. So I talked to my third tech for the day and he told me it would probably keep rebooting for a while longer. And then it did, while we were talking. I decided to give up on this computer for the day. But that was ok because I had a billing crisis unfolding at one side facility, so I jumped in there and started helping them bail water.

Today, first thing, I couldn't clock in because my computer was hung up on a Java update that it couldn't install without an admin password. Microsoft Office was missing. Email software was fine, but Microsoft office left town without leaving a forwarding address. Whole thing was MIA. I discovered this when I went to do the dreaded report that was due yesterday, but I had gotten a reprieve due to my technical difficulties. So I went to make that up today and couldn't get anywhere with it.

Ring Ring...No Help Desk...

So I'm on the phone with the 4th tech of this ordeal and this one was a funny guy. He managed to get my Java update done, fixed my Microsoft Office, and he even helped me get my scanner, fax, printer communicating again. Now I can do that dreaded report but DARN it's the end of the work day and I can't go into overtime... What a shame. So that report will now be due on Monday and I will do it over the weekend at some point.

Somehow through this day fulla crazy I managed to get all the fires put out on all my many jobs. I think all the STAT stuff is done, for the most part. I feel like I was very productive today. Hmmm... maybe I should take a day off my main job once in awhile to do a whole lot of work on my side jobs. That is a GOOD idea. The down time on my main job allowed me to beat back my other stuff pretty substantially today.

All of this while enduring manic waves of happeh.

I miss somebody but the rest of my life is pretty darn good. ::love::

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