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2016-03-07 - 9:52 a.m.

I've been out of pocket for a few days. I went to see my family and had a very nice visit. I had intended to come home earlier than usual on Sunday so I could get some work done before Monday but I failed miserably on that endeavor. I got away even later than usual and didn't get home until midnight-thirty. I keyed in some codes that had to be there for Monday morning and watched my recorded episode of The Walking Dead. I don't remember what happened on it. ha! I guess I was too tired. I will watch it again.

This weekend I went "breaking & entering". We went around this fabulous newly built neighborhood, climbing in windows and touring homes. Some of them had unlocked doors and some required more creative methods of access. These homes are outrageously luxurious. They have natural gas generators built in so the power never goes off. That is an awesome feature. I saw a library to end all libraries. In that house, you walk in the giant heavy front door, into a beautiful entryway, then off to the right there are these beautiful, ornate arched double doors with beveled glass panes, like the fanciest french doors ever, and through those doors is a library with built in bookshelves from floor to ceiling. The ceilings in there had to be a good 20 feet. There were beams waaaaay up there and a huge chandelier. The room was dominated by a large gorgeous arch shaped window. All the finishes were very high end. Talk about wow factor! That house in particular was just amazing. These houses are french country style. The kitchens are flipping amazing. Gorgeous copper accents and brick archways inside. Interesting floor plans with multiple outdoor areas including courtyards, and grassy areas, outdoor fireplaces, big covered porches, all kinds of nooks and coves where you could have outdoor seating, fire pit, etc. It's very private and each home has these privacy fences made of brick, stone, wrought iron, and wood. The fences are 12 feet high at least. You could walk around naked in your yard out there and no one would even know. I like to look in houses. I don't really want to live in that town again, but sometimes I think it would be nice to be there where my family is. I bet they have HOA fees, because there are a lot of common areas with fancy gazebos and old fashioned ornate street lamps. It's quite the experience just walking around out there. It's a new neighborhood, but there are large trees out there and big crepe myrtles, which I love, line the streets.

So that's what I did this weekend.

My pups are happy, they've had breakfast, cheese bites, treats, cuddles, and taking care of business outside. They are amusing themselves at the moment. Bringing the pain to the little furry toys they love to torture.

And now I need coffee and elbow room for some serious chart slinging.

Happy Monday!

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