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2016-03-02 - 2:06 a.m.

I did a quiz on facebook about musical taste and personality. It was pretty dead on. I got "Edgy & Introverted". Dig this:

You enjoy edgy, aggressive, and assertive music - all words we would use to describe you as well. Not one for "gentle" or "simple" music, your tastes lean toward music that fulfills certain wants and desires you may have either consciously or subconsciously. Many psychological studies have drawn similarities between individuals who enjoy classical music, and those who enjoy metal/hard rock - all of this research standing true with you. You are reserved and introverted yet extremely intelligent and observant - taking in your environment like a sponge. You have very (and we mean VERY) little patience for ignorance, stupidity, and people who take advantage of the less-fortunate. Above all else, you value controlling your own life and choices - and detest anyone else attempting to make them for you. Independence is key!


My one reader who knows me in real life knows how utterly spot on that really is.

I just wanted to see what cockamamie result would come up based on my musical preferences and it actually nailed me.

I was working on reporting my CEUs today for my credentials. March 31 is my deadline. I've got 19 of the 20 I must report by then. I'll do a free webinar tomorrow and get that last credit. I might actually do a few extras just for overkill before the 31st. That was one of the things I've had hanging over my head. I have to report CEUs every 2 years.

Something has gone awry with my copier/fax/printer in my office and I may have to get the geek squad over here. I dun knows what to dooooo. Cannot make it communicate anymore. I suspect it has to do with my network changing again. Also, I think my wireless card is crapping out. I'm going to get an external one and see if it improves. If not, I may have to just take it to the geek squad. I need to have it serviced anyway. My beloved Velocity computer died a horrible death, Bwah. She DIED. I still have her, but she no longer works and it would have been more expensive to fix than to replace. Motherboard spontaneously fried. You would have made Frankenstein's monster out of her glowy case with her eerie blue lights. I'll keep her for you. When you get done living in quiet desperation you can break free and reclaim your life. I hope you don't die in that depressing gopher hole.

My computer is definitely acting weird. It's dragging. I thought it was my ISP's fault, but no. I'm running a boot scan tonight.

PS: Ran the scan. It was adware causing the slowness. Got it mostly cleaned. Wireless card still seems outta whack.

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