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2016-02-20 - 12:15 p.m.

I had a wild and crazy dream. I was in my old neighborhood in Louisiana. Everyone on my street had remodeled their houses into much bigger and totally different houses than they were before. (house remodeling is starting to be a theme)I was down in the cul de sac with a guy who was partly my dad, and partly Jon Crosby, the singer for Vast. This makes me laugh. It's so random. In the cul de sac, there was a bridge and a culvert with water in it. It was landscaped and made into a pretty area. The vantage point I was at was like standing on a bridge looking down into a stream. There were a lot of pretty plants down there. It looked very tropical. I noticed in the jungle-like greenery, there was a huge green frog. It was kind of hidden at first, but then it emerged from behind a plant and it was even bigger than I thought. It was looking at me and dad/Jon as if it knew it was special and we were lucky to be seeing it. The more it moved into the clearing, the bigger it got and as it crossed in front of us I noticed that its back end looked more like a pig than a frog. It was rounded and up off the ground, so it really looked like some sort of hybrid between a pig and a frog. Then I saw another frog come out from the same spot that the first one had come from. It was just the same as the first frog. We watched it go by and then another weird creature came out. This one was not a frog, but I can't remember now what that one was. A few weird animals came out from there and then the last animal was a long lizard. I thought it was an alligator at first, but then it turned its head to look at us and it had a strangely round head. No gator snout. A round head, almost like a human. All of these animals were smooth and green by the way. They were all a deep shade of green, like a shade darker than emerald green. The lizard seemed to be thinking, like a person. It had a "knowing" look. It seemed to be strolling by to let us get a good look at it, but then it suddenly turned toward us and started running up the bank, right at us. I took off and ran a good 3 car lengths or so and turned back because dad/Jon wasn't beside me. He was stuck, face to face with the lizard, their faces were within a few inches of each other. I yelled "Come on!!" He said "If I run, it will chase me and be more aggressive. I have to stay here till he gives up and backs down." I felt like the lizard was really just bluffing but I wasn't 100% sure. So I stood there, waiting for the lizard to let him go.

So weird.

I know where some of it came from. I was listening to VAST yesterday. I like some of the older music, like "Three Doors" and "Free" and "Pretty When You Cry" and "Touched". Jon Crosby sounds English when he sings, but he's totally not. He's American. I think I'm dreaming about remodeling because there have been BIG CHANGES lately with my bro-in-law's death. That has been a life changer for me. It has hit me kind of hard and changed some things for me. Also, I have this "Toad Abode" in my back yard and a crazy weed has grown next to it. That weed is very unusual and looks like some kind of exotic plant. It's big enough to hide a frog or two. haha. My landscaper needs to get his crew out here. The grass is still short, and they cut only once in a while when it's winter, but weeds are starting to grow now, so it's time to get back on schedule. Also, I went to Pier 1 yesterday and was seeing a bunch of animal figurines so animal shapes were in my head. It's funny how your mind takes the visuals you've seen and the concepts rolling around in your head and makes some insane dream out of it all.

I've been thinking about my dad a lot lately and feeling like I am working too much and seeing my family not enough. I'm going to go, maybe next weekend. So this weekend I have to finish up all the extra stuff so I can be free to go next weekend. Some of my relatives live far off and the only time I see them is for funerals. That's a bummer.

I may need to reconsider my work/life balance. It's off kilter. Once I get this big project done, I think it will be much better.

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