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2016-02-12 - 9:54 a.m.

I have long maintained that the world is full of assholes and imbeciles. I'm working with a bunch of the latter. My student is an EEEDIOT. I'm not suffering fools all that gladly today. Many times lately I have told myself I need to cut this one student a break and try not to even let myself think that she's stupid, but dayum, she is making it hard for me to be patient.

In the last few days she has really been trying my patience. I'm pretty sure English is her first language, but she does not understand a significant amount of English words. I have started defining words for her just in case she doesn't know what the words mean. Sometimes I worry that my answers might be insulting to her because they seem so obvious, but I have yet to catch an air of "already knew that". She never seems offended. Bless her heart.

Today, she sent me some documentation and was in a complete quandary because the doctor had said the patient was there due to TBI and later in the same report he said it was a brain injury. She did not know which one she should choose, because the doctor just switched up his story right in the middle of the document. I had to tell her that "the "BI" in TBI stands for "brain injury". Doc didn't change his story, he just didn't write the word traumatic.

Yesterday when I was checking her work, the patient had irritable bowel syndrome and she coded "irritable" and didn't go any further in looking up the right code. She just put a psychiatric code that meant the patient herself was irritable. Not a word about her irritable bowel syndrome. ::sigh::

Another person who really ought to know better keeps accidentally deleting one of my fields and then telling me the account wasn't complete. It's not complete because you keep deleting part of the data, Sparky.

Really, I find it all pretty funny and I know people are not born knowing this stuff. I try to be patient and I wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I'd love to know what is up with that one student. Why does she not understand words? Sometimes her mistakes are really funny. Other times I want to go over there and beat her with a Gilligan hat. But she is a really nice person.

My older dog is driving me crazy today. SO NEEDY. He neeeeeeeeeeds. I'd like to leave both dogs home with the boy while I go visiting this weekend, but my older dog mopes and grieves when I'm not home and Jax has a medical emergency every 6 minutes, so I guess I'd better keep them with me. Plus, I might come home to a poo coffee table where the boy didn't let them outside all weekend or something.

Welp, back to the tard wrangling...

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