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2016-02-07 - 4:17 p.m.

I got my results back from my annual health check and it was good. I think I already reported that my blood pressure was near perfect. That is astounding to me, because I was irritable when the cuff went on and I have white coat syndrome that usually makes my blood pressure readings higher. I used to have high blood pressure and was on 2 medications to fight that. My current perfect blood pressure is without any meds and I suspect very much due to the exercise I get now.

My blood work has come back and my cholesterol is even more ideal than it was last year. My total cholesterol is only 193 and the ratio is "ideal". All my numbers are better than last year and my BMI is down several points, also thanks to exercise. I've been congratulated on the fact that science has proven that I am not a tobacco user. Yay. Go me. ::flat stare:: I've also been awarded points for having met a bunch of health goals and I have 1600 of the 2000 points I've got to earn by July to keep my lower insurance rates. I feel HEALTHY. I get mad every year when I have to submit to all this medical stuff just to keep from being gouged on premiums, but it sure feels great to get such a good report!

I was curious to get my cholesterol results because the ketogenic diet is very high in fat and some people think following this high fat low carb regimen will create high cholesterol disasters... but NOPE. The dirty truth is that cholesterol in your body doesn't come from fat that you eat, it comes from carbs that cause inflammation and as a result of that inflammation, your liver makes cholesterol. You can eat 75 or 80 percent of your calories from pure fat without harming your cholesterol levels as long as you don't poison yourself with carbs. If you eat a lot of fat AND carbs, you are inviting disaster.

My mother thinks she has to have carbs or else she will have the runs. She thinks eating bread stops that. She has every single symptom of celiac disease (gluten intolerance) and she has auto-immune diseases and has had liver problems. Which kinda goes along with everything I preach. She's carb-poisoning herself. Did I mention her triglycerides are sky high? She also takes Tylenol like they are M&Ms and won't listen to me when I tell her she is going to kill her liver. She is proving my theory left and right.

Yikes, it's getting late. I gotta get with it.

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