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2016-02-06 - 12:10 p.m.

I was raised in a strict Southern Baptist home. Every religion thinks it's the only one out of the countless religions that is correct and the baptist one holds that if you believe anything other than what their man-made doctrine tells you, then you are lost, Sport. You're going to roast in Hell like a Planters peanut for all eternity. Peoples' miraculous events, proof of their own righteousness, and beliefs in general magically adhere to what they have been raised to believe.

Then there's me, life long rebel, breaking the first rule of religion which is: 1. Don't Question It.

I question it. I've been on a bit of a mission or exploration let's say, for the past 3 years - maybe more, and I have settled on the belief that we are a soul having a human experience rather than a human who has a soul. This human life is temporary, but our soul is not and our soul has it's own journey, much more complex than the human journey. This human life is just a chapter of the Soul's story. I believe energy doesn't die, it transforms. I think it's highly unlikely that we are here for only a teeny blip in infinity with only an average of 70 years (which is nothing in the vastness of eternity)to get it right and if we miss that window, we're screwed eternally.

I think it is far more likely that our souls are eternal and our human form(s) are just temporary experiences that we choose, in order to get some first hand experience of life that we need for our soul's journey. You learn better by doing, not by hearing about, reading, or watching. So we come to earth to experience all the things there are to experience. Good, bad, ugly... all races, both sexes, sometimes a bit of both sexes. I think we are each a being of energy that is a soul and we try on human forms. After we finish this human journey, we go back to being an unfettered soul until we choose to take another class in the Earth School. As we go through these experiences we gain understanding and knowledge and our soul gets to higher and higher frequencies, or gets more complete, more full. There's more, but I don't want to write all day about this.

So I woke up from this dream about Jesus with this thought in my head:

Jesus was a soul on the other side before he was sent to earth in human form. He did what he was supposed to do here on earth and he went back and is now a soul again and not in human form any longer. This is an example in the Bible that this happens. The Bible says that we are a part of that and will also go to glory and BE with God.

Also, I think we don't remember our past lives, or much of it anyway, because if we knew everything, like what was on the other side, we would not properly engage in this life. We would not get the full gist of it because we would know exactly what was going to happen and that this is a temporary thing and not our real home. We would have no fear of dying, because we would know we were going to just return to the other side and we'd know that in that form we don't have human afflictions, there is no need for jealousy, we already know the intention of others, nothing is risky. The world would be a farce because all the players would be doing crazy things since it's not real in comparison with our soul existence. It would lose all benefit and all reality. Realistic experience would be lost. So we don't remember.

Interesting to think about.

My meat suit has work to do.

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