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2016-01-31 - 12:09 p.m.

I decided to make a new entry and start with this dream I wrote about yesterday because it seems like I should. This dream was not just an addendum. It was an event. I guess you had to be there. If you already read the dream, skip down to the line of asterisks ******** which signal the end of the dream sequence. So, recap:

I dreamed that I was at this mansion with my whole family and Maynard (From Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer). The mansion was my family's home apparently and we were all there, sitting out back in this opulent garden party type atmosphere. There was a large patio area with a bunch of round tables and off in the distance was a big infinity pool. The mansion was huge and had a beige stone exterior. It looked kind of Grecian with columns and such. Maynard, or Taryn as I like to call him when I'm asleep... was there because he had been hired to come and perform at our shindig, which was now over. We must have hit the lottery or something, because how rich would you have to be to hire Maynard to come over and do a private show? Pretty darn rich, I'm guessing.

So I was sitting with him and we had been talking about stuff... life, wine, various fascinating topics. He thought I was unaffected, but inside I was not believing what my eyes were seeing. I was full blown fangirl on the inside but playing it cool on the outside. So there was music playing and he asked me if I'd like to dance. We were slow dancing. I saw my sister and she was the grieving widow, but she was doing ok. Sometimes I dream us at different times in our lives, so I often see her younger than she is, but this dream was current times. I turned back to look at Maynard and he was looking down my cleavage. I caught him looking and it was a funny moment between us. Then he wiggled his eyebrows and asked "You wanna get out of here?" I knew that what he had actually meant was "Would you like to leave this area and find a spot where we can engage in sexual intercourse?". Being the lady that I am, I felt my face light up and I said an exuberant "Hells Yeah!". Then we took off to go to his hotel. Let me just say, I don't think I have ever in my waking life said "Hells Yeah". It's funny to me when out-of-character things like that happen in dreams. Nor would I hang out with a guy one night and then shag him. I'm a relationship kind of girl. But this is Taryn and we are well acquainted. In my sleep. Evidently the sex was not the important part about the dream, because I didn't get to experience it. Dammit. The next scene was afterwards. It was time for Maynard to go on to the next show and I was on my way back to the family mansion with one goal in mind. I could not WAIT to tell my sister what I just did. hahaha

I forgot to mention earlier that sitting out in the garden party area with the rest of the family was my brother, not a brother in law, but a biological brother. This is odd because I don't have a brother. But in the dream, I did. He was a very cool brother, too. He had curly brown hair and he was very laid back, very cool. I loved him a lot and it was like he was real. I feel this affection for him even now. But when I got back, he was still outside, smoking. He knew what I had been up to and he gave me a smile and a thumbs up.


One comment about my dreams: I have 3 different celebrities who show up in my dreams. Ray Liotta has been starring in my dreams for my whole life, pretty much. Since my teens. He just shows up sometimes, usually in a rather mundane way. This used to be my only recurring celebrity, but when I was watching "True Blood", I started to have dreams once in a while where the guy who played Sam Merlotte would just show up in a random dream, carrying some boxes. He's always loading boxes into the trunk of a car or carrying something heavy. Why? I have no idea. I didn't fall in love with the actor, I didn't have any unusual reaction to that character in the show "True Blood". I just started to see him in my dreams once in a while. And then there is Maynard, whom I dream about once in a while and it's always me and him and a hotel. It's like we are in a new relationship of some sort every time. We've met, we've hit it off very well, and we are either a couple, or like this one I just had, we're just hooking up. Maybe I dream this because he is very intelligent and talented and those things are attractive to me in men. That is what I want. My Maynard dreams make sense whereas randomly seeing Ray Liotta and Sam Merlotte does not make sense.

In other news: I've already met my exercise goals for today, but I will still do at least 10 minutes on the treadmill every time I eat.

Last summer, I fell off the wagon due to some extra big blueberries that I just had to have. This lead to a summer fulla blueberries and other assorted sins which totally wrecked my ketogenic regimen. I slid off the wagon and rolled around under it for months and months and then the holiday season happened and I felt like I was "being good" because I passed up the fudge and the goodies for the overwhelming majority of times. But I did manage to do enough damage with hidden carbs and maybe too much food in general that I am no longer at perfect blood sugar. I have had to tighten back up to carb nazi status to get a grip on this blood sugar. I'm being a good little diabetiker now.

Did you know that even pure protein, if over eaten, will cause a sugar spike? It's just not even fair. Diabetics have to watch portion size, even if it's healthy food. But you can eat every few hours so it's not like a bish gonna starve.

I'm mad at diabetes today. I'm on the mend though, it's not too bad. I just hate to take a blood reading and have it be outside normal range when I haven't eaten anything yet and I even walked for 10 minutes before taking it. My health check went really well though, and I had better BP, weight, waist measurement than last time. I didn't get my sugar results or my cholesterol yet, but my cholesterol was "ideal" last time. It could be different this time because the ketogenic diet is high in fat.

I found out yesterday that another one of my friends is a published author. Last time I talked to him he was a blogger. Now he has a book out and has written for a lot of magazines. I have 2 blogger friends who have moved on to writing for magazines and I have a couple of real life buddies of mine who have published books. Three of my close friends are published authors. I must say, I'm envious of this and I've always known I am a writer at heart. Why have I not even tried to publish? I've had a few little things published in local magazines and done a little (very little) paid writing online. But I've never submitted a book for publishing. I think I should work on that. In my spare time. har har

I have to do some actual work today. I'm swamped on one side facility and my new student at my main job is slow like a crippled snail and has gotten herself totally backlogged so I'm going to jump in and pull her out of the weeds today.

Here goes me!

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