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2016-01-30 - 10:54 a.m.

There is an ADDENDUM at the end of this part I posted earlier today.

I am wasting my Saturday in the packed waiting room of a lab where I have to submit to a pretty invasive health screening for my insurance coverage at work. There is this lengthy series of hoops we all have to jump through in order to have a lower premium to pay all year. They start off with the annual benefits sign up, which my company makes as complicated as possible. There is a deadline and if you miss it, you get no insurance. Then you have a deadline to fill out a health questionnaire. Miss it, and be damned. No lower rates for YOU. Then we have a deadline to come in and get blood drawn, health screen done, etc. Soon I will get a letter that congratulates me on the fact that my blood test shows I am not a smoker. I already told them this, but what the hell do I know? Maybe I smoke in my sleep. I am on the health screen step, but there's more. Next I will have to track a bunch of silly requirements like how many sodas did I drink. The answer is always 0, because I drink water. We have to voluntarily sign up for many numerous annoying things like that to earn points. I have to log in once a week and report on all my healthy activities. I have to accrue 3000 points by August. You get 25 points for 6 weeks of tracking one healthy activity. It's almost not worth it, but the penalty is paying 75 bucks a month more for insurance. Ridonkulous. I almost didn't do it this year. Then at the last minute, I changed my mind. This is the last day to do the health screen.

I despise the ass clown who came up with this crap AND the pendejo who decided our company has to jump through deadline hoops 10 months of the year to keep from getting gouged on premiums.

I'm doing this entry on my phone and my battery is almost dead. I had the most fun dream about Maynard James Keenan. I will write it out later, at home. Don't think I will forget.


I have come back to tell some news and a dream... It is later, I am done being poked, prodded, weighed, measured, questioned, blood pressured, drained of almost every last pint of my precious blood.... and I got a pleasant surprise. I used to have high blood pressure so any good blood pressure reading sounds like a happy surprise to me, but my blood pressure was only 124/66!! That is perfect blood pressure, on no meds, while stressed out. I went off my meds many months back when I finally took control of my health. I haven't taken my meds or had my blood pressure checked since then, so I was worried that it would be high, especially since I was kind of agitated. I guess my wonderful treadmill and my low carb lifestyle is still paying off. I haven't talked much about health in a long time. I am watching my diet much closer these days, but not quite at the ketogenic level that I really should stay at. I am just keeping the carbs down, avoiding the major stuff like white flour, sugar, pasta, etc, and I get on my treadmill for at least 10 minutes every time I eat, because it uses up glucose. This is my attempt at avoiding a sugar spike. My goal is to keep my sugar from spiking and dipping.

Yesterday I was on the treadmill for a long stretch after dinner and I ended up laying on my bed, under the fan to rest. Next thing I know, it's 4:47 am and I'm waking up from the greatest dream...

I dreamed that I was at this mansion with my whole family and Maynard (From Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer). The mansion was my family's home apparently and we were all there, sitting out back in this opulent garden party type atmosphere,. There was a large patio area with a bunch of round tables and off in the distance was a big infinity pool. The mansion was huge and had a beige stone exterior. It looked kind of Grecian with columns and such. Maynard, or Taryn as I like to call him when I'm asleep... was there because he had been hired to come and perform at our shindig, which was now over. We must have hit the lottery or something, because how rich would you have to be to hire Maynard to come over and do a private show? Pretty darn rich, I'm guessing.

So I was sitting with him and we had been talking about stuff... life, wine, various fascinating topics. He thought I was unaffected, but inside I was not believing what my eyes were seeing. I was full blown fangirl on the inside but playing it cool on the outside. So there was music playing and he asked me if I'd like to dance. We were slow dancing. I saw my sister and she was the grieving widow, but she was doing ok. Sometimes I dream us at different times in our lives, so I often see her younger than she is, but this dream was current times. I turned back to look at Maynard and he was looking down my cleavage. I caught him looking and it was a funny moment between us. Then he wiggled his eyebrows and asked "You wanna get out of here?" I knew that what he had actually meant was "Would you like to leave this area and find a spot where we can engage in sexual intercourse?". Being the lady that I am, I felt my face light up and I said an exuberant "Hells Yeah!". Then we took off to go to his hotel. Let me just say, I don't think I have ever in my waking life said "Hells Yeah". It's funny to me when out of character things like that happen in dreams. Nor would I hang out with a guy one night and then shag him. I'm a relationship kind of girl. But this is Taryn and we are well acquainted. In my sleep. Evidently the sex was not the important part about the dream, because I didn't get to experience it. Dammit. The next scene was afterwards. It was time for Maynard to go on to the next show and I was on my way back to the family mansion with one goal in mind. I could not WAIT to tell my sister what I just did. hahaha

I forgot to mention earlier that sitting out in the garden party area with the rest of the family was my brother, not a brother in law, but a biological brother. This is odd because I don't have a brother. But in the dream, I did. He was a very cool brother, too. He had curly brown hair and he was very laid back, very cool. I loved him a lot and it was like he was real. I feel this affection for him even now. But when I got back, he was still outside, smoking. He knew what I had been up to and he gave me a smile and a thumbs up.

I wonder what it all means.

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