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2016-01-22 - 3:58 p.m.

Keep yesterday's tale of shocking delusional inappropriate sexual advances towards new widows before their husbands get cold in mind as I lay this on you:

Some months back, one of my dad's brothers died, leaving my 65 year old aunt a grieving widow. A 22 year old that she had known all his life tried to get with her. He said he has always had a crush on her. ::flat stare:: She has money and he was looking for a sugar nana. She doesn't look anywhere near her age, but still. She was a little flattered, but her son (who is about 40) went over and told Junior what would be happening if he didn't stay completely away.

What makes guys think this is going to be well received? There is a grieving process, fer the love-o-pete. "Hey toots, let's get together after the funeral and let nature take it's course." As if.

I bet every widow has a tale or two to tell about obnoxious offers received way too soon after their husband bought the farm. It probably goes back to some primal limbic brain instinct of pulling up quick to get wit it after the alpha has vacated the premises.

In other news:

My new student knows nothing whatsoever about the payment system we're operating under. Not one slim clue. New Boss has great faith in me. She said that with my excellent training this girl is going to get it and be great. I tend to believe this myself, but we shall see what happens. She is fresh out of school and has been placed in a difficult situation where she is being pressured to code inappropriately by people who know even less than she knows about the regulations. They are not trying to cheat, they simply don't understand that we follow guidelines and laws and that what we do is a legal matter. I am going to back them down next week. I'm going to be a surprise speaker at their next meeting where they pressure my student to change things that can't be changed. I will explain legal aspects of our business in that meeting. I may or may not make a joke about them looking good in orange. We shall see how the spirit moves me.

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