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2016-01-21 - 2:48 p.m.

So here is the latest:

My sister has had no less than 3 disgusting, overt propositions from men who should have been a good enough friend to her dead husband to not even think about trying to "get some" from the bereaved widow. Two of these men are downright elderly. I guess it never stops.

I told her men think crazy stuff about red heads, divorcees, and widows. I'm 2 of those things, so I know what I'm talking about. Us redheads are hot but crazy. Fun times aplenty. Hot to trot, too! We also have a high tolerance for pain. wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more.

So my sister was propositioned by a guy just a few years younger than our dad and he came right out and asked "When I come over to pick up the equipment are we going do it?" At which point she snapped and told him if he comes anywhere near her home she is going to shoot him. She shamed him really good and my sister has always been a person who hates confrontation and won't stand up for herself, but she unleashed the beast on this old codger. He was coming to her house to pick up some equipment that was at her house (her husband had brought it home to use) and she told him he can pick up his stuff at the Sheriff's department where she is having it taken. Her husband who just died was a cop for a while and his best friend is still on the force. That guy volunteered to remove the equipment so the old lech won't show up at her house.

That is not the only news. My bro-in-law was fatally misdiagnosed, mishandled in a way that goes beyond mere malpractice, and it literally caused his death. And there is evidence. I think my sis is going to be ok, financially anyhow. Very much more than ok, I would guess.

She is sad and she told me she would take him back in a minute, financial disaster and all. She loved him. Of course she would rather have him back. But it will be wonderful if she never has to worry about finances again. Some day she will be less sad and she will be fine financially. I think. I did tell her not to make any crazy decisions based on this possible wrongful death award because you never know. If the coroner says pneumonia, it's all over. But that is not going to be the case. He didn't even have a fever. It was classic embolism. And the doctor who tried to save him stated that the x-ray showed it was nothing but a PE. He said that with witnesses present.

Interesting developments.

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