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2016-01-07 - 2:25 p.m.

More dreams... I woke up today in that same building/home with my sweetheart. The dream seemed to last a long time. I feel as if we spent the whole night together. We were watching a big screen TV at one point, we were cuddled up in bed in another scene. We were just enjoying time together as we always did in real life. The way we are around the house together is one of the things I miss most about him. He was being sweet and lovey and pleasantly amused the whole time. It was happiness and comfort. I re-read yesterday's dream and realized that I have had more than one dream where he is putting a ring on my finger and it shrinks down to fit me perfectly. I wonder what that is all about, besides the obvious message that I thought we would be getting married. I still don't accept that it's off the table, apparently. ha

In another dream that I remember vividly from last night, I was in the waiting area of a Chinese restaurant. I saw a dad and 2 small kids standing there, about to leave. The little boy looked to be about 5 years old. He was standing in front of the vending machines where they have little toys and gumballs and things. He had a dollar stretched out in his hands and he was deciding what to buy. I looked away from him and was otherwise occupied for a minute. When I looked back, the boy was gone and the family was leaving, but there were a bunch of crumpled bills on the floor right where he had been standing. I scooped up the money and noticed there was a fiver, a ten spot, and a bunch of ones. Each bill was crumpled as kids often are careless with their money. So I chased down the dad to give the boy's money back and the father enthusiastically took the money from my hands. I could read from his expression that this was not his son's money and he knew it, but he was happy to receive this little wad of cash. I regretted handing it over because this was clearly not the rightful owner. I felt like I had been hasty in assuming.

So I guess I need to be careful about assuming things.

Things are shaking up a little in my main job. Just as my annual horoscope book says it would. I am getting back a large and terrible facility that used to be my problem child. I had the opportunity to unload it on my poor buddy a long time ago but now I have to take them back because they are getting a new coder that needs a trainer. I'm a good trainer and the last new coder they had failed miserably. I think New Boss has noticed I'm a good trainer so now I am being shifted even more into training. On the upside, I get to abandon one of my facilities that I am pretty happy to unload. I don't mind working for that facility, except there's a whiner that works there and she creates a problem for me every so often. I hope she can't stand the next coder they get and regrets being such an asshole to me. I've been their coder for almost 6 years and I've always gone the extra mile for them. I hope she feels like it's her fault I'm gone. That heifer has no idea how much I have gone out of my way to make sure their stuff is done right and turned in on time. She's hard to please in any situation. I bet she will not like the change and will feel like she caused it.

I requested to keep that facility last time there was shifting of assignments, but this time I'm letting them go. I think this is a necessary evolution of my role at this company. I want to be more transient in my work, filling in here and there, training new coders. It is going to free me up a little and make it harder to monitor me. I might hate it, training someone for this particular facility, but it will be temporary, since I'll make sure that new person learns everything ASAP so I'll be finished with that facility within a few months, hopefully.

I have other things brewing as well. I'm feeling a call to do something new, on the side... in my free time... Heh. How much free time does a person with 3 jobs have? It will be a hobby until I can manifest it, but I have no doubts. I'm not going to say much until that particular dream turns into a reality.

I had the guys come out and fix my heater. They cleaned a big ole bees nest out of the workings and the unit works fine. It just needed to be cleaned out and serviced. The guy who comes out here is the owner of the business himself and they have added a home improvements department to their heating and cooling business. I asked him about repainting my bathroom where my nephew scrubbed the paint off all the way to the sheet rock ::flat stare:: and told him I'm thinking maybe some tile should be installed. Sturdy, scrubbable tile that can't be ruined by people who ought to know better. He said that there's a bunch of ceramic tile in my attic that matches the tile in the shower in there. They are coming out next week to measure and determine if there is enough of that tile to tile the walls in that bathroom. If so, it will only cost me for the labor and the adhesive. Soon that bathroom will look like new. It's going to be tile up to about the half way mark and then textured paint above that. It will be beveled around the edges. I think it shall be lovely. If they tell me a crazy price, I'll just paint it. But I don't think it will be a huge cost.

I wish I was getting it done next week so it would be nice next time my mom comes over. They will be here the middle of this month. The bad spot on the wall is not all that bad, but it makes me want to go on a murdering rampage when I see it.

The nephew will be 21 his next birthday and I'm thinking he needs to spread his tiny wings and fly. Fly Fucker, fly! I love him but damn. Ya know?


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