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2016-01-06 - 10:07 a.m.

I had some interesting dreams last night. I woke up in the middle of one. Usually I wake up before my alarm goes off, but not today. So the alarm jarred me out of a nice thing I was enjoying.

I dreamed that a lot of good things were going on for me. And some weird things too. Sounds about right. I was getting a black Corvette Stingray and was jazzed about it. Someone had let me know about an insanely good deal that seemed like it was a better deal than anyone could ever expect. I don't remember the details and numbers, but I was getting it because I would be crazy not to. It was almost like a gift.

In another scene, I was walking with my dad and we were looking at properties. He was excitedly telling me that we should buy a nursing home building because in the case of government collapse, the nursing home buildings will be the last to go. They are somehow legally protected and can serve as a safe place and a shelter for us and those we care about. He had this intense look in his eye like he was really certain of this. Hmmm.

Then, I was in a big building, not exactly a house, but it was like some other kind of building that had been converted into living quarters. It was way too big. The love of my life was there and he was very... like... pleasantly contented and had a very light, happy mood going on. He had a surprise in the works for me and he was all delighted about it. He was sort of rushing around doing things for awhile and then he came up to me and was being very lovey. He pulled out a ring box and when he opened the box, it was a beautiful platinum filigree ring. It was an engagement ring, but not at all typical. He's not typical and his taste isn't, so it makes sense. It was a ring that had a very beautiful, elaborate design and it was elongated. I thought it wouldn't fit my ring finger. As he slid the ring on my finger, it looked way too big, but then it sort of magically fit itself to my finger, winding around my finger like tendrils. The ring took up a lot of my finger and it was beautiful and one of a kind. It was perfect and now a part of me. I knew I would never take it off because it was absolutely permanent.


Such is the nature of dreams.

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