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2016-01-05 - 2:42 p.m.

My, but the headhunters are hungry lately. I was called on the phone yesterday by one who has many positions to fill and then today I got an email about some remote positions for $45 an hour. That is good pay for staying home in your jammies. Usually those remote positions try to offer less and then you can haggle upwards if you have the experience to command higher pay. For them to just throw a good number out there right off the bat tells me they are not messing around. They must have a critical need. Tell me more, says I.

I doubt I'll jump. It's probably acute care and I specialize in post acute. Doesn't hurt to inquire though.

I have a zit in the crease of my eyelid and now you know. This is a scourge and a bother. Fortunately, it is tiny and right in the crease so you can't see it at all when my eyes are open. I don't dare mess with it. It will turn into quasimodo's hump right there on my tiny eyelid and I'll be captured by scientists and studied in gruesome and painful ways. NOOOOO THANKS.

My work load is light today. Thank God. I am enjoying only having 1 student right now. I hope New Boss doesn't come up with another student for me for awhile. Just let a sister have it easy for a while. Crikey, I just remembered a big task she wants me to have completed by end of business tomorrow. Dammit. Just when I thought I could goof off. I haven't even started said task yet. But it should be pretty easy.

It's 63 degrees in my house today. I called the heat repair guys and they are coming to fix the heater tomorrow. I hope it's not some huge price. I hate to spend large sums on non-fun things.

I'm still anxiously awaiting my elusive pears and colored pencils that Amazon is taking their sweet time in delivering. I just want to eat a pear and color in my coloring book. Is that so wrong???

My puppy turned 1 year old on January 3rd. He loves this little toy I got him that is a round squeaky ball but it looks like a pig. I am going to get him a couple more as back ups. He really likes it a lot. He brings the pain to that poor thing. He delights in its pitiful cries for mercy. I'm going to go outside and run around with him for the rest of my lunch break. He has been trying to lure me outside all day.

Not feeling this whole work thing so much today. And yet.. I must endure.

Hello... I've waited here for you... everlong


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