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2015-12-31 - 12:10 p.m.

So now my friend whom I pissed all the way off yesterday has moved into the dreaded passive aggressive "meme posting" stage of her grievance against me. All of her memes scream the same message: "I am a victim." I was feeling kind of bad about telling her that her chosen profession is a waste of time. I mean, my motives were pure. If your problem is poverty, you should take the job that pays you, not the one that fulfills some other need. That is what hobbies are for. Get paid, friend. The answer to poverty is money, not exercise.

Aaaanyway... I was feeling a little bad and then I remembered that she is usually sending memes for her brother to see. Because he hurt her. And her parents hurt her. And her daughter and son hurt her. Her husband hurt her. Some random lady she doesn't know said she loved my friend's son as if he were her own... and this hurt her. Everyone she has ever worked with or known... has hurt her. It's part of the victim persona. So it's amazing that I have not been the target of the sad memes already. I've made it a lot of years without being the one who hurt her.

Still, I should probably learn to shut my mouth. I could just offer to help when she gets to the place where she is ready to make a move to pull herself out of the hole.

I have no business giving anyone any advice anyway. I do know a few things. I've incorporated some methods that are effective in life, but people don't care to know what methods work. Most people who are in a chronic state of wreckedness are comfortable in that and do not want anyone to try to free them from it. They want to bitch about it, but they don't want to be shown the exit door from suffering. People would rather suffer in their comfort zone than try something else, no matter how tried and true that something might be.


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