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2015-12-27 - 3:27 p.m.

I hope everyone had a happy Christmas. I went to my sister's house and met up with my extended family there. We had a good time. My sister did a spectacular job decorating for Christmas. She decorated everything. It looked like a magazine in there. One example: She wound a pretty nature garland full of red berries around her chandelier over the table and hung shiny round ornaments from it. Every room was decorated for Christmas. We had good food and big fireworks and happy family members. I gave some good gifts and got some good gifts. It was swell all around.

We're having weather that is perfect for tornadoes to happen. I need to go to the store because I'm out of a couple of things that are necessary... like garbage bags and dog food. That's a serious matter around here, especially the dog food. I was kind of planning to go here pretty soon, but a while ago I walked out back with the dogs and a gust of wind came along that nearly knocked me down and it turned over some of my plants. One of them is very large and heavy, but it blew it over like it was a tumbleweed. My hair blew straight up. I pulled my plants close to the corner of the porch so they are less likely to be blown around if the wind keeps up. I'm thinking maybe I should not go out. I'm not trying to go see the Wizard of Oz.

The weather did not cooperate with my family at all this year for Christmas. It was way too warm and muggy. Then, on Christmas Eve, we wanted to do our fireworks and it rained us out. We did about half of what we had and it went from sprinkling to heavy downpouring while we tried to go on with the show. We finally gave up. My nephew burned his arm on a punk (thing that lights fuses) and he was soggy to his skin from the rain. This made him hit his limit of tolerance for bullshit. He gave it up. My dad was already done with his fireworks. He brought some good ones. It is supposed to cool down to the 30s by tomorrow... a wee bit too late, but still it would be nice to not sweat for the last few days of December.

I like the traditional turkey and dressing dinner and my crazy family have all turned on it or they are too lazy to do it. The last time I got a proper turkey dinner I cooked it myself and my family came to eat it. Nephew wants me to hold the next holiday dinner here. I might cook us a big holiday dinner, post holiday. I think I will. Because the stores mark the turkeys and hams way down after the holidays. Yezzzz... I'm going to do that. We shall feast. Just the two of us. Maybe I'll do it when my folks come for my uncle's next cancer check up in a couple of weeks. Yeah, I might do that.

I think I'm going to brave it and go to the store. For one thing, I'm hungry. That's not the best time to go to the store, but oh well. I hope they have some rotisserie chickens ready. If I never write again, you'll know the tornado got me.


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